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Winter is coming: what kind of space heating systems are used in the USA

What kind of space heating system is used in America, said the author of the blog “USA by shelves" on "Yandex.Zen".

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In the United States, each apartment building has its own boiler room.

It happens that even each apartment in such houses is heated separately. They heat there mainly with oil (Oil - in reality it is diesel fuel, but the Americans call it oil), gas or electricity.

Oil is a very affordable fuel, but at the same time the least reliable one, because if it runs out in the tank, you need to call the company that sells it.

Types of heating in the USA

In the United States, most homes, apartments and other premises are heated using independent, self-contained heating systems. This could be:

  • Boiler room, if the building is multi-apartment
  • Gas heating system
  • Banal heater
  • An electronic system for heating and cooling air using an air conditioner is an air system. Air heating is very often practiced in private American homes. So, through pipes and in the floor, special tanks for hot air are mounted, from which the room is heated. It is a relatively economical and efficient type of heating and is the most widely used air system in the United States.
Advantages of an electronic heating and cooling system with air

1. Remote control

Regardless of your location, it is possible to remotely regulate the temperature in your home and prepare the apartment for your arrival. Thus, on a cool day, a warm, cozy atmosphere will await you at home.

2. Temperature control

The system works not only for heating, but also for cooling. And this is very convenient. Regardless of the weather outside the window, you can always maintain your own climate in the house and not depend on anyone.

3. Independence from utilities

In the US, there is no such thing as a spring and fall heating season. Everyone decides for himself and answers the question of what, where, when to do with the temperature in his home.

Of course, the air heating system received such wide distribution in the USA due to the fact that America is mostly “one-story”.

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And it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly for people to install such a system than to install pipes, run and heat water or simply heat a house.

Of course, in the US, you can see batteries in some homes. But usually this system works in old buildings and is extremely rare.

Heating with an air conditioner is more widespread, since it is independent, and can also work for both heating and cooling.

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This system, given the climate and temperature changes, is very convenient.

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