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Life on wheels: 11 tools that should always be in the trunk

By car you can reach the most remote corners of our country, you can gather friends and leave for the weekend from the bustling city. But on the roads there are different emergencies. USA Today has prepared a list of 11 items that may come in handy in various emergency situations, and you don’t have to ask for help on the road.

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1. Reusable anti-collision flashes

Traffic flashes provide good visibility not only of the road section in front of the car, but also of the curb. USA Today concluded that reusable LED flash V26A Wagan Is a reasonable option. They are bright, durable and waterproof. They can last up to 38 hours on three AAA batteries. They are sold both individually and in a set of 3.

2. Gloves that can protect against cuts and withstand broken glass fragments

Couple CR5A3 Cut Resistant Gloves lined with material Armortexwhich protects your hands from sharp surfaces. Gloves will be useful if you need to knock out the glass of the car or remove fragments of broken glass from the frame.

3. Headlamp

If you need to urgently repair the car in the dark, then you can use a head lamp. LED White Light Nite Ize STS Headlamp can work from the accumulator or three AAA batteries.

4. A device that helps to call for help in a place where cellular communication does not catch.

SPOT GEN3 GPS Messenger It can be useful if you need to call for help, but does not catch the signal of the cellular network. For $ 30 a tariff plan is offered. SPOT's Save Our Vehicle. To use the device, you must exit the car and press the button GEN3. The device will be connected via satellite to the nearest point that may be of assistance. Also there is a system of bonus offers. Users of the device receive up to 5 free towing per year, changing tires, fuel delivery.

5. Charger for batteries of any size

NOCO GB150 Is a 4000 liter Li-ion battery that can charge any type of battery - from Pinto to Peterbilt up to 10-liter gas or diesel engine. It is about the size of a lunch box, has intrinsically safe connectors, and reverse polarity protection and USB charging options. It also has a voltmeter to help you understand if you have battery problems.

6. Easy way to cope with a flat tire

No one wants to change a deflated tire on the side of the road. 12-volt Fix-A-Flat Ultimate do it for you. Connect it to the valve stem with a deflated tire, and within a few seconds the tire will begin to fill with chemical sealant. This is a temporary fix, but after 10 minutes you will be able to get to the nearest service station without any problems.

7. A tool to help cut the seat belt and break the window. It can be hung on a key chain.

Compact device Resqme Fitted with a blade that cuts the nylon seat belt easily. The device also has a function that will help to knock out the window of your car. Resqme useful if you suddenly had an accident and do not want to remain trapped inside the car before the arrival of rescuers.

8. Car pocket knife

Design Spyderco assist designed in such a way that you can carry it in your pocket. It is designed for instant cutting: seat belts, ropes, nets and other fibrous materials. 80% of the blade is occupied by the serrator. If in the closed position, squeeze the knife, pushing the blade deeper into the handle, a retractable carbide tip protrudes from the base to break the glass. In the handle of the knife also has a whistle. Also note the cheaper counterpart. Leatherman Z-REX.

9. Durable and bright ribbon

The tape is useful if you started a repair on the road. Tape Duet by Gorilla wide and waterproof. Thanks to its heavy-duty adhesive base, it can stick to any surface. On a bright orange ribbon, you can also write “Help” or “SOS” to attract the attention of other motorists.

10. Emergency blanket / tarpaulin

Emergency Blanket SOL Heavy Duty Suitable to keep warm while waiting for help, or to repair a broken window. It weighs a little less than 8 ounces, durable and can completely close your passenger car.

11. First aid kit

First of all, in the car should be a first aid kit. So that you do not have to spend time collecting a first aid kit, we suggest you pay attention to Mountain backpacker... This first aid kit contains everything you need to provide medical care for people with minor injuries - from minor wounds to burns and sprains. It contains medications for allergic reactions, diarrhea, pain, fever and inflammation. The kit includes a first aid guide.

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