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Women's secrets: how to care for yourself in summer

In the summer, girls need special care for themselves. Photo:

Summer is a reason to switch your self-care procedures non-stop to take the best from the sun and water, while eliminating their negative effects on the skin and hair. ForumDaily talks about what procedures to focus on in the summer.

1. Hair

We all love summer and hot weather, but remember: the sun damages skin and hair. Plus, sea salt, if you bathe in the ocean, and bleach, which is contained in the pool, does its unkind work. With constant contact with these irritants, even shiny and easily manageable curls become lifeless and burned out.

Have a famous stylist beauty salon Fashion point in Miami, Andrei Vastardis, has its own secrets of how to help hair move the heat.

“At the very beginning of the summer season, I recommend trimming the ends. This will update your hairstyle a bit. Also, remember to use protection every time you go outside - look for a hair care product that contains UV filters (it can be in the form of a spray, gel or cream). If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat. This will not only save hair, but also protect the delicate skin of the ears from malignant growths that ultraviolet radiation can cause, ”he advises.

Andrei Vastardis at work. Photo: from the personal archive of Andrei Vastardis

In addition, Andrei Vastardis recommends that you moisturize your hair before each swim, because hair soaked in clean water or conditioner will not absorb much salt water or chemicals. After bathing it is necessary to rinse the curls with fresh water. If there is no shower nearby, keep a can of fresh water in your purse.

Drying, curling and styling are procedures that need to take a break from at least a few times a week. Instead, for owners of medium and long hair, after an evening wash, it is better to make a ponytail, pull the hair into a braid or bun to get a pleasant beach wave in the morning.

The most comfortable summer hairstyles Andrei Vastardis considers pixie, classic square, curly bob with bangs, textured bob, long bob and curls.

“If you're scared to go for a classic pixie cut, ask your hairdresser to leave a little more hair above the ears and on the back of the head, which he will profile well for a textured cut. The bob on straight and curly hair is one of my favorite haircuts and always looks stylish. But a textured bob is a great option for those whose hair cannot withstand styling for 10 minutes, ”says Andrey Vastardis.

Options for comfortable summer hairstyles. Photo: examples of Andrei Vastardis

Long or overgrown bob, says salon stylist Fashion point, suitable for girls who dream of a comfortable, not too long and not too short haircut. And if your hair is curled, Andrei Vastardis recommends cutting the ends to add volume to the hair, and dry the hair in a natural way, using mousse to form curls like ORibe mouse.

The stylist calls bronding as ideal coloring for summer - a technique that creates a smooth transition from a darker shade of hair at the roots to a lighter shade at the ends.

Andrei Vastardis also advises using oil or serum - just a drop - to smooth hair and add shine to it before going out.

2. Leather

Drink at least 2-x liters of water per day. Photo:

With the onset of summer, all the girls tend to the beach for a beautiful bronze tan. Of course, no one calls you to give up air baths, but it will not be superfluous to remind you that you should always apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to your skin, because the sun's rays cause aging of the skin and may cause malignant tumors.

Experts advise using sunscreen even when you go for a walk, and recommend applying the product 15 – 20 minutes before going out and repeating the procedure several times a day.

Please note that in summer it is worth updating the foundation, replacing your favorite winter with a dense texture and masking effect with a light fluid or bb / ss-cream. If you are planning to sunbathe, the tool should be slightly darker than your skin.

Beauticians are advised to refrain from using primers for day makeup for the summer period and to pay attention to the mineral weightless powder, which will help to complete the makeup.

When you leave the house, take matting wipes with you, but put the spray with thermal water out of the bag. This product can only be sprayed onto cleansed skin.

3. Body

Meditation allows you to start the day right. Photo:

When to demonstrate a beautiful toned figure if not in summer? To achieve the desired silhouette, cosmetologists and fitness trainers recommend following three rules - physical activity, drinking regimen and proper nutrition.

To maintain water balance and have healthy skin, it is important to drink at least two liters of non-carbonated water, unsweetened green tea, rosehip tea or mint daily.

It is necessary to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and to exclude from the diet pastries, sugar and fried, which, by the way, contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

At the same time try to switch to 5-single fractional food, which is approved by the World Health Organization. Too long gaps between meals cause a feeling of hunger, and this leads to metabolic disorders and problems with the digestive system.

Exercise in the summer is also extremely important - run in the morning, do yoga and meditation.

4. Arms and legs

In the summer, do not wash dishes without special gloves. Photo:

The first walk in sandals or sandals after warm winter shoes usually guarantees corns or scuffs. Get a stick to prevent corns and transparent patches in the kit, which you need to keep in your bag all the time.

Sunscreen should be applied to your hands with a factor of at least 20 every time you go out in the sun. For the summer period, it is better to replace the lumpy soap with liquid soap and not to be lazy to wipe your wet hands with a towel without leaving them wet. So you do not overdry the skin.

Since in the summer the skin of the hands is especially vulnerable to cleaning agents, wash the dishes with gloves only, and after washing use cream with cedar or grape oil. These ingredients perfectly soften the skin and prevent flaking.

Instead of lacquer or on top of it, nail masters recommend applying a special coating with UV protection.

5. Mood

At dawn and at dawn, the most beautiful pictures are obtained. Photo: Vyacheslav Dyadyura

If in winter and autumn girls can afford not so often to carry out hair removal, hiding legs in warm trousers, less often doing pedicure and manicure and saving on dyeing, then in summer even the most distant from fashion ladies tend to look at everything 100. And in the course is any weapon from the world of beauty. To make sure of this, ask any woman how much time she spends on caring for herself in the summer.

Obviously, this is why in summer girls most often order professional photo shoots. After all, what could be better than to capture all this beauty, and even raise your spirits, escaping during the photo shoot from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“Summer is really the best time for photo shoots. And it's not just the northern states that have been looking forward to this time of year. In the summer, everyone looks freer, more natural, fresher and happier. Nature blooms and smells! And thus the photo session turns into a whole ceremony, a small holiday. Judge for yourself - together with the photographer you come up with a shooting style, look for a suitable place, prepare an outfit, select an entourage. During the preparation, you are already in anticipation of this event, right? What can we say about the shooting day, when you, like an actor or actress, are completely immersed in the process? ", - says Vyacheslav Dyadyura, the founder of the company Slava Di Productionwhich works in Miami and throughout Florida.

Vyacheslav believes that photo shoots improve mood. Photo: from the personal archive of Vyacheslav Dyadyura

Vyacheslav is engaged in family photo shoots, weddings, private events, personal or professional portfolio creation. And all these types of filming, he is convinced, have one thing in common - for the filming to work, the hero must be in the mood. The photographer even has his own little secret of what to do if he is not in the mood.

“There are people who are afraid of the camera and are shy, but really want a beautiful photo session. In this case, I recommend drinking 100 grams of wine or champagne before shooting. This will help to liberate yourself a little, - says Vyacheslav Dyadyura. - Also, follow the photographer's advice when choosing, for example, a suitable shooting time or clothing. The ideal time to get delicate magical light shots is, in my opinion, sunset or sunrise. ”

In short, if you follow all our recommendations for personal care, you can safely order a photo session for yourself - in the photo you will look just wonderful.

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Fashion point

Address: 1920 E Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite PH-6, Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Contact number: + 13053336657 or + 19543999965.


Slava Di Production

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