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The woman decided to ventilate the cabin and opened the emergency door. VIDEO

An Xiamen Airlines passenger recently delayed one hour of departure when she opened the emergency exit door. She became stuffy, and she wanted to breathe fresh air. A video of this incredible sight quickly spread on social networks, writes Fox News.

Photo: video screenshot UAF YouTube

On September 23, the woman became hot at the end of boarding the MF 8215 flight, which followed from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to Lanzhou, China.

The stewardess warned the passenger so that she did not touch the emergency exit lever near her seat, but she did not listen and opened the door.

Later, the passenger justified her behavior by the fact that the cabin was "stuffy" and she needed a "breath of fresh air."

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Illegal activities delayed the take-off of the aircraft by one hour. According to The Sun, staff had to conduct a second round of flight safety audits.

During this time, the flight crew called the police, and the passenger was arrested at the crime scene.

According to the report, the video recording of an amazing scene with an open airplane door and confused passengers immediately became popular on social networks, having collected to date more than 18 million views.

The Morning Post reported that the woman is likely to be fined for illegal actions, since the opening of an emergency exit on the plane is classified as a violation of public order.

Xiamen Airlines spokeswoman is not prepared to comment on this incident.

Interestingly, such embarrassment does not happen so rarely. For example, ForumDaily previously described how a superstitious passenger threw coins in the engine of the aircraft “for good luck” - in some eastern traditions this is considered a good omen before the flight.

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