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The woman ate 30 bananas a week and lost almost 40 kg: what kind of diet is this

The woman managed to lose 38 kg using a diet of raw fruits, when she ate more than 30 bananas a week. Read more about this unusual method of losing weight told the publication Mirror.

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32-year-old Kathy Brenneman from Indiana was subjected to all sorts of bullying in her youth, because although she struggled with overeating, she weighed more than 100 kg.

Determined to make a difference, she went vegan in 2014 but didn't see the shift she was looking for. However, Katie soon learned about the fruit diet.

She ate mostly raw fruits, but also some vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Soon, the girl began to quickly lose extra pounds, and now her weight is only 63 kg.

“All my life I have eaten heavy homemade food containing animal products and processed foods and have struggled with my weight since a young age. I was made fun of at school for being fat. I had to deal with my self-esteem, and later with overeating and compulsive overeating. I tried to lose weight for about seven years, trying to find something that works for me,” said Katie.

“At first I tried a raw food diet, but I didn’t eat enough and could no longer maintain this lifestyle, so I became a vegetarian. About five years ago, I decided to give up all animal products and go vegan again,” the girl continued her story. “Last year, I decided that the fruitarian lifestyle is what I would really like to try to see if I can change my lifestyle.”

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“I saw a lot of vegans on Instagram talking about high fruit diets and how our physiology is closest to that of frugivorous. It convinced me, and I decided to just go for it. Being a fruitarian limits what I can eat when I dine out. However, after the pandemic, I still go to different places much less, so the transition was not difficult for me, ”Katy explained.

“I make sure to eat before I go out and take fruit with me in case I get hungry. Many restaurants have salads that I can eat. Getting all the nutrients on a raw vegan diet, or any diet for that matter, is worrisome. I always take a B12 supplement along with a DHEA/DHA algae derivative and vitamin D,” she says. – The biggest misconception will be the amount of food you eat. Fruits and vegetables contain between 450 and XNUMX calories per pound (XNUMX g), so you can eat as much as you want without worrying about weight gain.”

“The biggest fruit I have ever eaten is probably a watermelon. When there are three fruits in the basket, they look at you a little strange. In a week I could eat five bunches of six bananas each, a whole box of mangoes, a box of dates plus three watermelons, ”she shared the details.

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Katy used to eat vegan junk food, including pizza, pasta, takeout, and a couple of alcoholic drinks a week.

Now she eats raw fruits and juices for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner, a savory salad or vegetarian dish. Her favorite is zucchini pasta with alfredo. Katie shares her favorite recipes on Instagram as @rawvibrantlove.

“I always smile when someone sends a message that I inspired them to change their lifestyle,” admitted Katy. “I wish I had stumbled upon this way of life earlier. I am passionate about sharing this knowledge because it has changed my life.

“To be a raw foodist, you don’t have to limit yourself to raw foods. You can be completely healthy and get all the benefits of a diet high in raw foods. The main thing for me is that raw fruits and vegetables help me stay away from processed foods like crackers, chips and bread. However, you should do what works best for you, Kathy advises. “For me, the raw food diet allows me to feel free and abundant in what I eat, no matter how restrictive it may seem.”

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