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Declaration Filling, English and TV: Online Services Available for Free in the USA

With austerity, you don't have to pay monthly for online movie and TV streaming services, e-books and audiobooks, college courses, and tax services. You can access all of these online apps for free. Money Talks.

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Some apps are really free, and we're not just talking about access during a "free trial period". You can find free subscriptions to the most necessary services.

Preparation of declarations

If you don't want to pay someone to prepare your income tax, you can prepare and file taxes yourself using free tax preparation software.

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If you're making $73 or less, check out the program IRS Free File Program, that uses software from tax preparation software partners. Or, try the program My Free Texas United Way, which includes both federal and state taxes. Several well-known tax preparation companies, including TurboTax и H&R Blockalso offer free basic versions of their online federal income tax software. However, you may pay a small additional fee for state tax reporting, depending on the service provider.

If you are not comfortable preparing your own tax return, consider using MyFreeTaxes first, as this service offers the option of entrusting your return to someone else online.

College courses

Many universities and colleges offer free online courses that you can take for free, and some offer a verified certificate of completion for a small fee. Subjects include history, software engineering, physics, psychology, law, art, business and more.

The list of universities and colleges offering free online courses includes Ivy League schools like Yale University, Harvard University and Princeton University.

Visit edX.orgto browse over 3000 courses offered by over 160 colleges and universities.

Meditations with accompaniment

If your meditation ends with a mentally prepared list of foods instead of inner peace, don't give up. Download a free meditation app like Insight Timer, which contains over 150 tracks from mindfulness teachers, spiritual leaders and psychologists.

You will also find many free guided meditation videos on YouTube, including many of the apps such as Calm и Headspace.

If smartphone apps and YouTube videos are not to your liking, Center Health and Wellness Center at Harvard University offers free audio recordings on its website and Zoom sessions.

language lessons

Want to learn a new language without paying tuition or courses?

Find links to free online programs for 48 languages ​​including Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, Farsi/Persian, Hindi, Italian and even Ancient Greek on the free cultural and educational media site Open Culture. Or take free courses in over a dozen languages ​​via Busuu or up to 40 languages ​​via Loecsen.

yoga instruction

If you are not ready to pay for yoga classes in the studio, you can practice at home with free online videos.

For example, on the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene There are dozens of yoga classes for beginners and advanced that you can access on your smart TV or other device.


You also don't have to pay for fitness classes at the gym.

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You will find free exercise lessons and structured workouts on the channel The Body Coach TV on YouTube or, for example, with a free membership to fitness blender.

Seniors enrolled in eligible Medicare plans also have access to free online classes Silver Sneakers and video on demand for all fitness levels.


You will find thousands of free e-books in your local library and on the page Amazon Cheap Reads for Kindle, and these are just some of them. Project Gutenberg offers over 60 free e-books, including a huge number of literary classics.


If you have a library card, you can access free audiobooks at your local public library. Open Culture offers hundreds of free audio novels, non-fiction and poetry by famous authors including Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman and more.

Streaming TV and Movies

Why pay to stream movies and TV shows when you can get plenty of free streaming services including Pluto TV, owned by Paramount, Tubes, owned by Fox, and Amazon Freevee, which do not require a Prime subscription.

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If you are a fan of documentaries, Documentary+ offers an impressive array of films, from Oscar winners to festival-selected films to iconic films.

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