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How to buy a scarce product: how effective are alerts from stores about its availability

You thought that you had enough toilet paper, and it would be enough for a long time, but when they entered the bathroom they found only one roll. Do not be discouraged, you can set an alert that will show when scarce goods will be available in stores. Writes about it Fox News.

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Unfortunately, most stores nationwide have sold toilet paper. But you can set up alerts to find out when these inaccessible items will go on sale.

Why set an alert

If you are trying not to visit the supermarket or grocery store in person, then ordering groceries and essential goods online is a great alternative. However, if items are out of stock, you can't wait forever wondering when they'll be back. Luckily, you can set up an alert that will notify you when an item is back in stock and available for purchase.

How to set up an alert

There are several different ways to set alerts based on the seller. For example, if you go to a website Walmartto buy a product that is not in stock, you will see a notice "Out of stock". However, for some products, next to the “Out of stock” notification is a blue button that says “Get a notification of availability”. After you click this button, you can send your email address and Walmart will send you an email when the product is available for purchase.

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If you are trying to buy a cleaner on Amazon, but noticed that it is no longer available, you should see the “Alert Me” window. If this service is available for this particular product, you can click Register, and Amazon will notify you by email so that you know that the product is available. However, Amazon notes that “subscribing to a notification does not reserve this item for you. When you receive an email stating that the item is available, you will need to return to to place your order. ”

Target offers to set up notifications on the website or in the application.

“When an item is out of stock, we can offer the option to send a notification when it is back in stock," the website says. Target... - If this service is available for an item, a “notify me of stock” button will be displayed on the product details page. If you're using the Target app, this will be the Notify Me button.

But Target also notes that "the choice of receiving notifications does not reserve and does not guarantee the availability of goods, so you must act quickly so that the goods are not bought up again."

Unfortunately, many stores, including Costco, CVS, and Home Depot, do not provide stock alerts.

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