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Prisoners in Texas escaped from their cell to save the life of a guard. Video

Prisoners in Texas escaped from the camera to save the life of a security guard Screenshot from video

Prisoners in Texas burst out of their cell to save the life of a guard
Screenshot from video

In the city of Weatherford, Texas, prisoners escaped from their cell to help a guard who had a heart attack.

There were eight prisoners in the cell, the guard spoke to them, sitting opposite, wrote Buzzfeed.

After a while, the prisoners noticed that the man felt bad - he fell off the chair. They started calling for help, but no one responded, so the men decided to knock down the cell door.

“We were worried that other guards would come with weapons pointed at us,” said one of the inmates, Nick Kelton.

After escaping from the cell, the prisoners continued to call for help and knock on the door of the room. The guard, who was lying unconscious, had no pulse.

The police officers who arrived at the scene, not understanding what was happening, asked the prisoners to return to the cell.

After that, one of them began to do the unconscious guard of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, soon the guard regained consciousness. Later it became known that he had a heart attack.

The guard, whose name has not been disclosed, will soon return to work.

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In the U.S. USA Texas prison the prisoners
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