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Santa's Enchanted Forest and Magic Mike Show: How to Spend a Weekend in Miami (November 25-27)

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What: Everglades tour by airboat

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL 33139

More: The tropical wetlands of the Everglades, nicknamed the Ten Thousand Islands for a reason, offer a glimpse into an unimaginable world. These lands with a rich history are a portal to an alternative world that is simply mesmerizing. An airboat (all-terrain vehicle) tour of the Everglades awaits you with a fascinating presentation and stories about various types of animals and plants.

You will have the opportunity to admire views that were previously shown only in National Geographic. You will meet American alligators, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, fish and exotic birds such as the national bald eagle and red-shouldered hawk.

Cost: $ 22


What: Exhibition of works by Simone Lee

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: Perez Art Museum Miami, 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

More: Simone Li creates sculptures, videos and installations dedicated to women. Drawing on a variety of sources and disciplines, including ethnography, folklore, alternative healing traditions, and forgotten stories of political resistance, Lee presents symbolic works that highlight African American women's complex issues related to physical and mental health, social standards of beauty, community, and equality.

Cost: $ 0-16


What: Exhibition about the future of the Earth

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: Artechouse 736 Collins Ave Miami 33139

More: Find out what life might be like 100 years from now if nature had its own way of suppressing overdeveloped cities. This imaginary flourishing city celebrates the resilience of nature, as well as themes of renewal and rebirth. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the utopian future we can only wish for the planet and for ourselves.

Cost: $ 25


What: Enchanted Forest of Santa Claus

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: Tropical Park 7900 SW 40th St Miami 33155

More: And although it's still far from Christmas, you can already look into the Enchanted Santa Claus Forest. This is the largest Christmas and New Years park in Miami. Entertaining shows, labyrinths, rides, carousels and, of course, an incredible taste of treats await guests.

Cost: $ 25


What: Show “Magic Mike”

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: Miami Marine Stadium 3501 Rickenbacker Cswy Miami 33149

More: Created by the team behind the hits Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, as well as star Channing Tatum, director Steven Soderbergh and more, the thrilling show brings together fiery dance performances, acrobatics, live music and cocktails that you're sure to love.

Cost: From $ 48


What: Burlesque show in Miami

Photo: IStock

When: Friday-Saturday, November 25-26

Where: Red Velvet Burlesque Show Miami 739 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

More: This is the number one burlesque show in Miami. It is one of the most intricate, exotic burlesque and cabaret performances in the country. Red Velvet Entertainment combines the very best of burlesque and cabaret to provide the ultimate experience.

Cost: From $ 35


What: Farmers Market in Vizcaya Village

When: Sunday, November 27, from 09:00

Where: Vizcaya Village 3250 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33129

More: Every Sunday, Vizcaya Village hosts a farmer's market. Here you will find organic fresh products, handicrafts, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, vegetarian products and other delicacies.

Cost: Free options


In addition, look for interesting events for every day of the week in our calendar... Come in, find out, share with your friends. Before visiting, check the organizer's websites for details and locations of events, as they may change.

Keep us informed about what is happening in your city. Send information about events for the Russian-speaking diaspora by mail

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