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Why do immigrants love America

The United States is undoubtedly the favorite topic of the Russian media as an image of “world evil” and the cause of all the troubles of the Kremlin regime. Moreover, if a few years ago propagandists condemned only the foreign policy of the United States, recently they, in the best Soviet traditions, switched to the internal one, telling how awful it is to live in the country of “decaying capitalism,” writes Ksenia Kirillova in the material for the site

That is why we decided to ask Russian-speaking immigrants - people of different ages, from different post-Soviet countries who left at different times and living in different parts of America, if they could love their new homeland, what exactly attracted them in American life, what repels them and what special features nature, they noticed the indigenous people of the country.

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Desire to create

The overwhelming majority (or rather, almost all of the respondents) say: they sincerely love America, even despite its individual shortcomings, and do not imagine another country more suitable for an immigrant.

“I love that by definition I have the same rights here as anyone else. I do not like it - a huge number of lobbyists and, as a result, financial flows in politics, ”- said Mikhail Oganov from Washington state.

Alexander Lyubimov from Los Angeles is critical of American schooling, but notes the high level of higher education, "although its price is not liked by anyone in the world."

“I still don't like party propaganda and party games in Congress. The country only suffers from them, especially the science fever when there is no budget, ”he adds.

“In Americans, I like the combination of ease of communication and keeping distance. Well, freedom-loving individualism. I do not like the growing intolerance of the left university elite towards non-left views. Well, and most importantly, I am grateful to America for the opportunity to live well, freely and successfully, ”shares Leonid Aptekar from new york

“I really love America. For optimism, for the ability and desire to work hard and hard, for the willingness to learn and revise their positions. For respect for a person and his right to self-expression. For faith in a good and active desire to create a good thing. In America, you feel this creative force at every step - you see how the city, businesses, your job, the school where children go, how you yourself are changing. I love America for the idea of ​​creation, and this idea is really implemented here! ”, - lists Kira from Washington state.

At the same time, she admits that there are flaws in America, which, however, do not detract from its merits.

“I don’t like the desire to simplify in America - this is when my Turkish and Armenian friends are told:“ Well, just hug and live together ”; or when they vote for Trump, because he has a simple answer to everything, ”adds Kira.

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Mila Mine from Los Angeles is especially grateful to my new homeland - American doctors saved the life of her mother, her uncle and herself.

“Here I quickly and quite easily mastered new professions and graduated from two colleges, and also received help,” says Mila.

Much coincides with other respondents and opinion Irina Garboni from new york

“I love the United States because people here mostly respect the law, there is no bribery, people do their job conscientiously. Because here people of different nationalities live together and basically get along with each other. People here are generally tolerant, and no one cares how you live, what you wear, etc. They don't like extremes in politics - both on the right and on the left. I believe that now there are very few sane, moderate politicians who are not subject to the excesses of ideology, and therefore a lot of problems in the country remain unresolved, ”she notes.

Another resident of New York, MargaretAmong the main American advantages, he also notes the possibility of the coexistence of different nationalities and mentalities.

“I love the States for a lot. For the fact that the ambulance and the police arrive in 3 minutes, and not 53 (or more), for the fact that people respect each other, are friendly and there is no rudeness at every step, for the fact that there is a law and they follow it, for the fact that that you can be yourself and you will not be judged, ”she notes.

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"There is something to love"

“I love the United States for its law abidingness, tolerance and responsiveness. For the fact that there is an opportunity to become whoever you want. For Americans' respect for the Constitution. For the fact that even if they make a mistake, the bulk of people will not gloat, but will say words of support like: "Nice try, next time it will work out." That instead of envy, people have a desire to try to be better themselves. Americans are kind-hearted and ready to see the best in others, which is sometimes perceived as naivety ... And they appreciate talented people, ”shares his experience Julia Heller from San Francisco.

True, Alexander Lyubimov Julia’s optimism about the relatively appeasable American character is not fully shared.

“There is envy and set-ups wherever there is competition for jobs, salaries, bonuses, and the location of the bosses. In medicine, at least, I think it is in business, ”he notes.

Adds critics and Alexey Kvitko from Oregon.

“I don't like the excessive and growing bureaucratization. For example, at my work, in front of my eyes, they changed the system of hiring new people, making the procedure more complicated. I still don’t like the growth of the same category that in Russia stands under the slogan “we can repeat it,” he said.

And yet America is kind to people and fair - at least I am sure of it. Zinaida Markenzon from San Francisco.

“I love her because the poorest have insurance from the state, full-fledged medical care for the most expensive and most complicated operation, for the fact that students from poor families can study at the most prestigious universities in the country if they want to study and make efforts to this ... I love America for its touching attitude towards the elderly, especially the poor, who receive the same services in nursing homes as wealthy Americans; because they have a calm old age. For the fact that children from the poorest families can receive the gifts they have always dreamed of for Christmas. The list is endless. For all its practicality, America is a kind country, a country of volunteers, a country of trust. "

At the same time, Zinaida admits: life in this country is very unstable.

“So, for example, having received a salary increase yesterday, coming to work today, you can receive a notice of dismissal from the company. This is hard to accept, but it happens very often. This is a business. And yet this country has something to love for, ”she concludes.

"Land of Freedom"

Despite all the shortcomings, all respondents are sure: freedom and opportunity are the main values ​​for which you can endure a lot.

“Here, a person can be whoever he wants. Can do whatever activity he wants. Be more free. This is probably the most important distinguishing feature of America. It is also very important that human life and freedom of expression are valued here. We may have different views, we can vote for different candidates, but at the same time we are all ready to defend the freedoms that we have in the United States, ”emphasizes Larry Poltavtsev from florida.

“I love America for equal opportunities for everyone, for real help in the adaptation of emigrants, respect for the personal space of others and at the same time, responsiveness if you need help,” he lists Irina Zhilenko from Washington state.

Echoed by her and Karine from Los Angeles: “Yes, America is not perfect, but it is the best there is, and especially for expats. This is the only country where you can live, use all social services and benefits, never work in this country and not learn the language, use free services of an interpreter in medical institutions and at court hearings. "

Freedom, unlimited possibilities and life without bribes notes Nadia Wezard from Washington DC Andrey Todika и Vitaly Rosenstein from New York, adding, however, that is critical of hypertrophied political correctness.

Rђ RІRѕS, Elena Bilak from San Francisco assures: political correctness is one of the main virtues of the States, to which the Americans did not come immediately.

“For me, this is an expression of accumulated wisdom, understanding that respect for human rights and respect for a person is more important than my own wit and rudeness, which I want to demonstrate to some merry fellows, alas, from our diaspora, too, very often. America is tolerant of everyone: people from different countries, people of different ages, different religions, different races and nationalities. Your rights are always respected. ” At the same time, Elena notes that Americans are sometimes not flexible and slightly superficial.

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Naive or practical?

Even people who have lived for more than twenty years in the United States find it difficult to say what their American compatriots really are. The respondents are sure of one thing: stereotypes about the naivety or pragmatic nature of Americans simplify reality too much, and in practice everything looks very different.

“Americans are so different that it makes little sense to ask what they are. I was lucky enough to travel across America in 8 days from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is simply impossible to compare the residents of New York, Baltimore, the suburbs of Cincinnati, the hinterland of Kansas or Las Vegas. This is such a huge layer that you can write dozens of dissertations on this topic ”, - considers Edward Shoster from new york

“In my opinion, the most typical feature of the American mentality is the unique combination of the cult of individualism with the ability to organize into groups and communities. Americans are naive about matters that do not affect their personal interests, and very pragmatic about matters that concern them, ”notes Mikhail Oganov.

Leonid Aptekar clarifies: "real Yankees" are not naive, but gullible, although pragmatic. But at the same time, nothing in the world beats American charity.

“They are thoughtful, understand that there are many points of view on the same issue, and do not find it useful to argue 'hoarse, before a fight.' They believe in the law, in good intentions, in the honesty of partners. This is the “naivety” of a strong, confident and generous person. It's worth a lot. They know the value of themselves and money and are practical in this regard. But I have never seen so many donations of money, time and effort for all sorts of good deeds, ”says Kira.

Rђ RІRѕS, Alexey Kvitko He notes that external openness and benevolence have a downside - the ability of some people, smiling in their faces, to do disgust behind their backs.

“America was once compared to a melting pot. But another comparison is gaining more and more popularity: a salad bowl. Each ingredient in a salad bowl is needed for something, each one enhances the whole dish. This ability to coexist, like ingredients in a salad, seems to me a typical American trait, ”sums up Elena Bilak.

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