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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Body Language: 12 gestures to avoid during an interview

Most applicants know which topics are not worth discussing at the interview or which questions should be answered in a certain way. But communication consists not only of words, but also of non-verbal gestures. The forbes collected 12 gestures that should be avoided at the interview.

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1. Fidget
Avoid flicking, tapping the handle, quick and jerky movements and so on. These gestures demonstrate nervousness and fear. Employers tend to hire people who seem confident and show self-control.

2. Waving your arms
When people get nervous, they tend to follow their speech with gestures. Try to swing your arms as little as possible to give the impression of a confident and competent person.

3. Try to appear smaller
When we are under stress, we want to disappear. This desire is necessarily manifested by sign language. We can slouch, cross our arms and legs. Try to keep the interview in a straight posture, it will give confidence.

4. Long lasting eye contact or quick glance
Try to maintain a balance between long-lasting eye contact and a shifty look. A fleeting look may indicate nervousness. Try to behave as usual, but when answering a question, look the interlocutor in the eyes openly.

5. Too long pause before answering
A too long pause in answering a question may indicate your indecision. Of course, it takes time to formulate a thought, but try not to delay it.

6. Distraction in looking at items in the room
During the interview, it is not worth doing what may seem like a distraction, for example, glancing at a watch or looking at interior items. Stay focused and remember the direct eye contact.

7. Late arrival
Being late demonstrates disrespect. Applicants who do not arrive at 10 minutes before the appointed time do not verbally demonstrate that their time is more important than the time of the interviewer.

8. Mirror reflection of the interviewer's gestures
Do not forget to mirror the interviewer's gestures, for example, smile, speed of speech, volume of voice.

9. Look unorganized
The first impression is very important. Leave your phone in your pocket or bag, making sure sound and vibration are muted. Notice if the paper is sticking out of your portfolio. Check if your clothes look neat.

10. Bad handshake
A good handshake does matter. Let it not be too strong, do not turn your palm down to force the other person to bend the arm. Shake your hand full palm and tightly enough.

11. Smile
A smile demonstrates friendliness, enthusiasm and creates a certain atmosphere. Even talking on the phone, do not forget to smile. A smile can change your behavior and show your personality at its best.

12. Rethink your body language
Stop re-evaluating your non-verbal cues. Too practical approach creates an atmosphere of insincerity. Instead, just take a deep breath, tune in to the way you want, focus on the moment in which you are. Be really interested in work, show curiosity and friendliness.

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