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Note to an immigrant: what can be obtained in the USA for free

America is a rich country, and there are quite a few benefits for the average American: almost everyone has some kind of housing, but most likely a house, all the necessary equipment in the house and, of course, a car. But what should a person with below average income do, for example, an emigrant? For this, in rich America there are many opportunities to receive benefits for free, Told in my blog for “Yandex Zen”Immigrant Alexandra Ukrainko.

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Craigslist Online Flea Market - Lots of Free

Craigslist is a very old American internet bulletin board where you can buy and sell almost anything and even find housing, work and a life partner. All sorts of Amazons (Amazon) and eBay (eBay) of course won some of the clients from the craiglist, but if you want to find a second-hand thing quickly and near you, there is no equal to craiglist.

Free give 47-inch TV on CraigsList

One of the sections of Craiglist is called free stuff. This is where America's prosperity comes in. In this section, Americans usually post what they exchanged for a newer one, but do not want to throw it away: televisions, refrigerators, furniture, clothes, and everything that can be imagined. Once we even saw a yacht there! Just come to the address and pick up.

Free products

When I heard about the distribution of free products, I imagined some kind of homeless support center where a thin soup is poured from a large dirty pot into the homeless in tin cans. However, in the States such centers can be located in fairly prosperous areas and distribute quite decent products to everyone who visits, no matter who he is or how he looks.

Distributing products at the Normal Community High West school in eastern Illinois. Photo author

For example, at our elder’s school in a prosperous neighborhood of the very expensive city of Boston, free products are distributed weekly. When my husband was at university, all students from nearby family dormitories, whose children attended this school, took home huge bags of canned goods, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cereals and spaghetti, and then ate this week.

Tickets to museums and exhibitions in libraries

I have already talked about American libraries once. These are not godforsaken half-empty rooms with old dusty volumes of classics, where grandmothers - girlfriends of elderly library workers come to chat about life and the increase in utility rates. These are bright, popular leisure centers, somewhat similar to our modern coworking spaces, only with a lot of books.

Free ticket to the museum from the library. Photo author

So, in addition to books, videodiscs and Internet access in modern American libraries you can get free tickets to local museums, exhibitions and sometimes even concerts! We visited almost all Boston museums for free thanks to the library card and free tickets. Just book the desired museum on the website, stop by the library for a ticket - and go to join the history!

University grants

Secondary education in the States is free, and it is required for everyone, without exception, even for children of illegal immigrants who are illegally in the country. However, higher education costs decent money, and the more “eminent” the university is, the more money will have to be paid. However, if the future student has a bright mind or is making progress in sports, you can also study at the university for free.

This is how our compatriots often end up in the United States - they enter American universities, and then receive a grant that covers education, and even accommodation. Since the country is rich, there are a lot of organizations and funds that distribute grants, and universities themselves often sponsor the training of talented students in order to attract them to their university.

Coupons for goods and food

I once noted that although it is impossible to drop unauthorized advertisements in the mailbox in the United States, local entrepreneurs somehow magically find out who drove into the apartment and start sending personalized letters of happiness in which they put coupons for free goods or products. Of course, they are not completely free, but often they give you something for free when you purchase something else: for example, two pizzas for the price of one.

Coupons for free products on the BJ's network. Photo author

Many stores have special booklets with paper coupons for products with a big discount or free products when buying for a certain amount or certain things. So, just going for groceries for a week, you can bring home one and a half or two more for the money spent with clever use of coupons. And this is in those stores in which already the lowest prices!

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