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Crack in seconds: the most vulnerable passwords of 2020

Every year, the specter of cybersecurity attacks becomes more intimidating as hackers find new and effective ways to trick us into giving them the information they need. BGR.

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Everyone should be on high alert when visiting a new website, opening an email, or even clicking on a link in a text message. But all these terrible threats do not prevent a huge number of users from using exactly the same and vulnerable passwords for their online accounts.

The password manager NordPass has published its list of the 200 most common code names of 2020. And if you thought that there was progress in creating passwords, it is better to give up your illusions right away. Of the 200 most popular secret conditional phrases this year, most of them can be hacked by an attacker in a few seconds.

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If you use any of the passwords on the NordPass list, you are constantly on the verge of stealing your data.

You can visit the NordPass website for a complete list of common encrypted names, including interesting details such as how many people use a given password, how long it takes to crack it, and how many times each password has been revealed.

Here are the 25 most common passwords of 2020:

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. picture1
  4. Password
  5. 12345678
  6. 111111
  7. 123123
  8. 12345
  9. 1234567890
  10. senha
  11. 1234567
  12. QWERTY
  13. abc123
  14. Million2
  15. 000000
  16. 1234
  17. I love you
  18. aaron431
  19. password1
  20. qqww1122
  21. 123
  22. omgpop
  23. 123321
  24. 654321
  25. qwertyuiop

The funny thing is that "12345" dropped from 1st place to 8th in a year, and "123456" moved up to 1st. In fact, over the past year, the most progress that has been made has been the addition of one extra digit to the wackiest password, making it about 0% more secure.

Of course, this list was not only compiled to get the attention of people using these passwords. NordPass has provided a list of helpful tips for creating stronger passwords, as well as avoiding dictionary words, repetitive or sequential characters, and any personal information. The best passwords are at least 12 characters long, use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and never apply to multiple accounts.

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Use a password generator to create strong security, track them with a password manager, and change codenames at least once a year. These are not the most original rules, but if you want to keep all your online data and accounts secure, it is important to make them a part of your life.

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