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'Everything happened in 10 minutes': Virginia resident died from beetle sting allergy

77-year-old Evelyn Wooten from Virginia bit a small bug. Literally 10 minutes later, the woman fainted, suffocating from allergic edema. She no longer regained consciousness and died the next day.

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Evelyn's friend, Karen Hudgins, is sure - it was the so-called "kiss", he is a triatom bug, writes Fox News.

2 July Hudgins walked with Wooten on the River Trail in Danville, Virginia, when the tragedy occurred.

“We walked, and she said, 'Karen, take this bug off me,'” said Hudgins.

A woman threw a beetle from a friend’s shoulder. In just a few minutes 10, Evelyn could no longer breathe.

According to Hudgins, Wooten told her that she could not breathe and turned very pale before losing consciousness.

“The last thing she said was 911,” Hudgins says. "She began to swell and turn blue, her lips and both hands turned blue."

Wooten never regained consciousness and died the next day. The son said that doctors determined the cause of death as an allergic reaction to an insect bite.

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Triatom bugs, also called "kissing bugs", live in cracks and holes inside houses, outside under porches, between rock structures, under cement, in stone, tree or bark, in rodent nests or in animal burrows, in outdoor doghouses or chicken coops ... They tend to live in the southern United States, as well as Mexico, Central America, and South America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The saliva of triatomal bugs can cause an allergic reaction in some people - this can manifest itself as severe redness, itching, swelling, scarring, hives, or, in rare cases, anaphylactic shock. The CDC advises people who have ever had anaphylactic shock to ask a doctor what medication to use if they are bitten.

The agency notes that not all triatomid bugs are carriers of the parasite T. cruzi, which causes Chagas disease. Even insects causing an allergic reaction may not tolerate the parasite. This disease is serious, and if left untreated, the infection can be lifelong. Complications of chronic Chagas disease may include heart rhythm disturbances, an increase in heart rate, an increase in the esophagus or colon.

“It was very unexpected,” said Mark Wooten, the victim's son.

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Emerging in Latin America, Chagas disease affects approximately 8-10 million people around the world, writes Only in Your State. It was believed that the disease exists only in rural, underdeveloped areas. However, it slowly penetrates both urban and suburban areas.

"Kissing bugs" have been seen in 27 states in the United States, where they have likely lived and reproduced for over a century.


The first confirmed case of a bite in the United States was documented in 1955, an 10-month-old girl from Texas suffered. She had fever, rash and edema for several days, but the child survived.

Researchers suggest that in America the bug spreads along the main roads when infected people travel and unknowingly transmit the parasite to other people.

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