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Eight ways to make money and save money with the help of neighbors

According to company survey Safe Home, almost 30% of Americans do not know the names of their neighbors. Revision New York Post considers this a big omission, since friendly relations with neighbors have many advantages, including cost-effective ones.

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Below are some of the ways neighbors can help you save money based on research, conducted by Safehome.

1. You can save money on nannies for children and workers who look after animals

Perhaps the cheapest and fastest way when you need to find someone to urgently look after children or animals is to ask a neighbor.

“When we go on vacation, our neighbors look after our house, and vice versa,” Sheena told Nancy Sarles of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Amanda Ponzar also turns to her neighbors when she has no one to leave her children with.

“Every time I save $ 25 to $ 50, maybe more. But this is not only about money. I leave the children to the one I trust, ”the woman says.

2. You can save money on bills.

More 165 000 areas of the United States use the social network Nextdoor to discuss common issues. Usually neighbors discuss the sale of houses or noise at night, or are looking for someone who could help immerse things.

But residents of one district showed how else you can use the network. One of the users published their account details, noting that they received an invoice worth more than usual. It turned out that such a problem is not only his. Neighbors united and were able to reduce the amount of the bill. The moral of the story is that you will never know, could you pay less on your bills if you don’t ask about it.

3. You can save on trips and hotel rooms.

If you are friends with your neighbors, you can ask them, for example, to give you a lift to the airport or help you meet relatives at the airport.
“We often take each other to the airport, or I can accommodate my guests in my neighbors' apartment and host their guests,” says Sarles.

4. Neighbors can help avoid a costly emergency.

For many problems, for example, in case of fire or flooding, the speed of its elimination is very important. Every second can cost extra money. If you have good relations with your neighbors, they will most likely notice and react if such an emergency situation arises in your home.

“Last week my neighbor heard that my water was running. It turned out that our garden hose was defective. If she hadn't called me, my basement would have suffered a lot. I explained to her how to get into our house and turn off the water, ”said Bobb White from Queens, Illinois.

5. You can shop together

You and your neighbor like to shop at Costco? You can team up and buy a membership that will save both of you money. Or, for example, to go shopping together, saving on gasoline.

Some neighbors are banding together to get a discount from service providers when cleaning their lawn or cleaning the pool - and there are many such opportunities to save on services.

6. You can get valuable information about services.

No advertising can compete with the word-of-mouth recommendations. For example, Scott Browder from North Carolina very often turns to her neighbors when she is looking for some services, such as a roofer or a lawn care company.

“Once my windshield was scratched, I complained to a neighbor, and he found the most inexpensive specialists who replaced the glass qualitatively,” Browder recalls.

7. You will always have the right tools.

Few people have tools for all occasions in the apartment (unless, of course, you are working in a specialized shop and can find a grinder at any time), and neighbors may be useful to you in this case too.

If you keep friendly relations with your neighbors, you can always find the tool you need.

8. You can find the right item faster than eBay

Before you look for the thing you need to eBay, contact your neighbors. You can write a message about what you are looking for and, as a rule, you will find it much faster. For example, someone from the neighbors will have an additional charger or a rare poster of a retro group that you need.

“Our neighbors gave us a stroller, a crib and other things that we needed when the children were born. And it's all free. We also gave things that our grown up children no longer needed, ”said Andrea Voroch, an expert on consumer finance.

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