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In many truck companies, the turnover of drivers: how to find or create one that you don't want to leave

More than 3140 trucking companies were forced to cease operations in the past year, according to a report by the transportation industry data collection firm Broughton Capital. 85-90% of newly created truck companies are closed in the first year of their existence. The reason for this is the high competition in the transport industry. Clients and drivers are constantly moving away from companies with mediocre services and working conditions for the best on the market.

Photo courtesy of DVL Express

We will talk about how to build a company in the highly competitive environment of the American transport industry that neither customers nor drivers want to leave, we will talk about an example DVL Express... This truck company in 2020 included in the list fastest growing companies in America Inc. 5000 (rating is compiled based on revenue data for three years).

In addition to stable revenue growth DVL Express enjoys driver loyalty, which is very atypical in the industry. Typically, truckers, especially professional and experienced ones, regularly "jump" from one company to another, tempted by better working conditions or pay. But the drivers hold on to work in DVL Express. This provides the company with a certain head start in the market, because it is truckers that are the main resource of truck companies, and their loyalty and experience allows the company to focus on strategic issues of growth and development, and not on finding and training new employees or trying to keep those who want to leave.

В DVL Express the secret of their success among drivers and customers is said to be based on five principles.

1. Development of people within the company

The key factor that differentiates ordinary people from leaders is a mindset focused on growth and development.

The well-known fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A consistently ranks first in consumer polls for quality of service. The CEO of the company explains this by the fact that they invest in personnel training and career growth much larger amounts than other similar catering establishments.

How can you develop truck drivers, you ask. It's very simple! Give them the opportunity to become co-owners of the business, to feel their responsibility and involvement in the general idea of ​​the company. For example, DVL Express developed and implemented a development program for drivers, within which they can grow up the career ladder, becoming leasing operators, owner operators and even owners of car fleets. In this program, DVL Express identifies clear stages that a driver needs to go through to increase his earnings, and also supports him at each stage by teaching all aspects of cargo transportation.

Of course, drivers do not want to leave DVL Express, even if someone promises them a slightly higher salary. Indeed, in DVL Express they see a real prospect and the possibility of starting their own business, and this is a completely different level, and no bonuses can lure them into a company where they will have to mark time for years without the possibility of development and growth.

2. A person needs to be appreciated, and labor - to be paid

In order for the driver not to have a desire to change jobs, he must feel that his work is being appreciated.

“We want to show drivers that they are valuable,” said Tatiana Greshnikova, HR manager at DVL Express... “Therefore, we award the best drivers of the month and those who have driven the most miles on a monthly basis. Among other things, we provide drivers with the opportunity to increase their earnings by 80 cents per mile, which almost no transport company does. According to our incentive program, each driver is assessed on a quarterly basis on such criteria as compliance with the rules of the road; cooperation with fleets departments, accounting and dispatch; length of work in the company and the number of days worked. That is, the higher the average rating of a driver for all indicators, the more his pay per mile will increase ”.

Photo courtesy of DVL Express

Since drivers spend most of their time alone with the truck, the company needs to make sure their second home is well equipped for both work and play. For this reason, DVL Express has built a gym, massage room, relaxation area, and sleeping rooms for its drivers.

“I once asked myself what I wanted from my trucking company, and I tried to do just that,” a former truck driver and now owner shared his secret of success. DVL Express Alexander Dovgal.

Drivers do not want to give up such respect and comfort at work, therefore, they respond to the company's concern with loyalty to DVL Express.

3. Safety and friendly atmosphere

An employee cannot be productive if he is constantly worried about his safety and is under stress. The job of a truck driver is very challenging and involves risks. DVL Express strives to minimize these risks in order to give drivers a sense of safety on the road.

To do this, the company's trucks are equipped with collision avoidance technology, which uses radar and sensors to track and minimize risks on the road. Trucks that travel between states use an electronic recording device (ELD), similar to those produced by Samsara. In the long term, it can help improve driver productivity and safety on long haul routes.

DVL Express is currently completing the process of creating its own unique software for drivers. This application will help to track the location of trailers, and will also allow drivers to communicate with each other contactlessly by participating in interesting quests and other activities in order to establish professional and friendly contacts.

All this provides drivers with the feeling that DVL Express is their second home (after all, it is always safe there) and family (where they will always understand, support and cheer you up), and do not want to leave home and family because it is comfortable there.

4. Reliable rear

Trucking is more than just driving trucks and delivering goods. There are other components, such as accounting, security and dispatch, fleet department and service center for trucks.

Correct routing, compliance and security protocols - all these little things go a long way in achieving success. DVL Express uses the experience and knowledge of each of these departments to train drivers and create a system of professional development throughout the organization. This improves the efficiency and safety of drivers and the entire company. Trucks know that behind their backs, within a phone call, there is always a team that will support and get involved in solving the problem on the road, when loading or unloading.

5. Become a part of something bigger

The trucking industry is one of the most important economic industries in the United States, and therefore its profitability is undeniable. But not everyone in the team strives only to make money - many are important about social values, and DVL Express supports several socially significant projects so that drivers feel that they are doing something important for the whole world, and not just spin the wheel for money.

Such an item of expenditure as charity has traditionally become mandatory in the DVL Express budget. The company is currently involved in the construction of an orphanage school for children, and drivers know that every mile is another brick in the home for a child in need.

The purpose of the company DVL Express sounds like this: "We are working to change the worldview in the field of cargo transportation." This industry needs more trucking companies that are willing and able to leave behind a good and lasting legacy. This is what drivers and clients are drawn to, because if you are proud of your job or your partner, then you certainly do not want to change it.

Those who want to become part of the DVL Express team can inquire about job opportunities link.

Material prepared in partnership with

DVL Express

cell: 773-373-0777


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