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In Florida, because of the cooling, a state of emergency was declared and shelters for the homeless were opened

January 4 in Florida is expected to fall sharply due to the cold cyclone, which covered most of the US territory.

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Broward District declared a state of emergency and opened homeless shelters where they can warm up or get warm clothes, writes NBC.

Shelters operate in such premises:

  • Pompano Beach City Hall (100 West Atlantic Blvd.);
  • Salvation Army Fort Lauderdale (1445 West Broward Blvd.);
  • Broward Outreach Center Hollywood (2056 Scott Street).

For more information on shelters please call: 954-563-4357.

The state of emergency is valid from 18: 30 4 January to 9: 00 5 January, and also from 18: 30 5 January to 7: 00 6 January. The temperature on these days will drop to 4 degrees Celsius.

Also, officials warned residents about the risk of accidents during attempts to warm themselves in their home.

Florida residents are advised to adhere to these safety rules:

  • Keep all flammable objects at least one meter away from heating equipment;
  • Do not allow children closer than one meter to heaters and heating equipment;
  • Never use the oven to heat your home;
  • Heating equipment and chimneys should be checked annually by experts, so do not forget to invite them;
  • Do not forget to turn off the heaters when you leave home or go to bed.

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In the U.S. Florida cold snap
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