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In Florida, a giant alligator scared golfers. Video

Photo: @RyanNews3LV

Photo: @RyanNews3LV

In Florida, a huge alligator walked along the Buffalo Creek Golf Course golf course in Palmetto. Fortunately, the reptile, whose dimensions are impressive, did not attack people. It seems she did not even react to them.

Charles Helms filmed this moment on a mobile phone camera and posted it on Facebook.

Local residents said that the 4,5-meter reptile has long lived nearby. She is a kind of field mascot.

“He doesn't bother anyone, and the players don't bother him. People have heard that he is here, so many want to see it with their own eyes. Thus, he makes the audience come here to photograph him, ”said a golf course employee.


The largest alligator recorded in Florida was 4,2 meter long and 353 kilogram weight.

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