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Minneapolis government to pay $ 27 million to family of African American killed by police

The Minneapolis (Minnesota) authorities will pay the family of the African American George Floyd killed by the police $ 27 million. The City Council on Friday, March 12, unanimously supported the settlement of the lawsuit with his family. Writes about it CNN.

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George Floyd's brother, Philonis Floyd, said that he would return those millions if only to see his brother again.

“I thank the State of Minnesota for taking care of this,” he said. “But even though my brother is not among us, he is here with me in my heart. If I could get him back, I would give it all back. "

Floyd thanked the protesters who supported the family, especially during the height of the pandemic this summer. He also called everyone to peace.

“There is one thing the world needs to know. We need to heal the USA, this nation needs to be healed. Our family needs healing, ”Floyd said emotionally.

George's sister Bridgette Floyd said: "While we will never get our beloved George back, we will continue to work tirelessly to make this world a better and safer place for everyone."

She said that the foundation, which she founded on behalf of her brother, will honor his legacy.

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The news comes amid a jury choice in the case of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer charged with the May 46 murder of 2020-year-old African American George Floyd. The policeman used a chokehold for almost 8 minutes, causing Floyd to die.

The last moments of Floyd's life, recorded on video, led to massive protests against brutality and racism by the police under the slogan Black Lives Matter.

Chauvin pleaded not guilty to second degree manslaughter and second degree manslaughter. In July, Floyd's family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and four former officers involved in his death.

The lawsuit said the city fostered a culture of excessive force and impunity in the police force and was unable to fire dangerous officers.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey told reporters that the settlement reflects the Floyd family's commitment to racial justice and social progress.

“We need to be ruthless,” he said. "We must be uncompromising in our pursuit of fairer government and a fairer approach to community, security and our city."

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender expressed "deepest condolences" to Floyd's family and friends.

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“No amount of money can ever cover the severe pain or trauma this death caused to George Floyd's family or to the people of our city,” she said. "Minneapolis had been fundamentally changed by this time, and this city council teamed up with our community and the Floyd family to change Minneapolis."

Family welcomes police reform

At a press conference at which the settlement was announced, Ben Crump, Floyd's family attorney, praised the city for the change in police management.

“The settlement is historic not only because of the $ 27 million disbursed, but also because of the impact on social justice and police reforms,” he said. - Because financial compensation most directly affects Floyd's family, the future of his family. But it is political reforms that affect all of us. "

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Days after Floyd's death, Minneapolis City Council voted to ban chokeholds, required officers to report other officers using chokeholds and intervene in such cases. At the time, the mayor promised to help change the way the city's police department works, stating that "now we can finally do it right."

And in July, Mayor and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced changes to the department's reporting requirements for the use of force, which put more emphasis on de-escalating conflicts. The city council voted to divert $ 7,77 million from the police budget to other programs.

The plan funds mental health programs, allocates funding to “strengthen the capacity of the Civil Rights Department of Police Conduct Investigation Office to investigate complaints of police behavior,” and redirects some non-emergency calls to other departments.

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