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Lucky or scammers: in Maryland, the same people win the lottery all the time

Many lottery draw participants in Maryland are stunned by the results of a recent audit that shows the same people repeatedly win the state's top lottery prizes. Writes about it Fox Baltimore.

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A legislative review by the Maryland Lottery Agency found that eight people won the top lottery prize 200 or more times in a year.

In the Pick 4 game, where the odds of winning are one in 10, the auditors found that one participant won the $000 top prize 5000 times in a year.

“I want to know how they did it, and they do it because there are so many people who have never won,” said Christine Moore, a regular lottery player in Catonsville.

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A recent lottery audit in Pennsylvania found that 17 people have won the top lottery prizes in that state 50 or more times.

“This has nothing to do with lottery products, they are completely safe,” Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFour said.

"We're talking about whether the person claiming the prize is doing something they shouldn't be doing," DeFour said.

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In Maryland, lottery officials said they are now working to identify questionable practices.

“If they do it honestly, I wish them good luck and hope they win 79 more times,” Moore summed up.

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