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In South Dakota, sell ghost town for 250 thousand dollars

Yesterday the ghost town of Swette was put up for sale in South Dakota. Its current price was 250 thousand dollars. In the town of 0,02 square square, there is a small bar, a one-story house, several outbuildings and an artesian trench, reports nbcnews.

Suett is located in 160 kilometers southeast of Rapid City. In 1940, the city’s population reached its maximum in 40 people. Now there are only two residents left - the current owner Lance Benson with his wife and dog. The new owner will receive a small bar, a one-story three-room house, several outbuildings, including a former tire shop, an artesian well, and the right to rename the city.

Real estate agent Stacy Montgomery said that not only US residents, but also from Russia, China, Germany and Australia, have already shown interest in the ghost city. In particular, she said that a Russian film company had been eyeing him, intending to make a film there.

In 2014, the city was already trying to sell thousands of dollars for 399, but the buyer was never found.

Previously “Forum” describedlooks like a house in California for 35,3 million dollars, an area of ​​1893 square meters.

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In the U.S. ghost South Dakota sale city
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