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In South Dakota, will open the first resort with marijuana

A tribe of Native Americans in the state of South Dakota said it plans to open the first institution in the US for recreation - with marijuana.

The Santi Siou tribe, which has four hundred members, is already running the casino, the hotel and the ranch and hopes that this object will become a new source of income for them.

Marijuana is illegal in South Dakota, but the tribe was allowed to grow and sell it since June.

The institution should open on the eve of the New Year.

Members of the Santi Siou tribe will grow marijuana on the reservation area and offer it to customers in a special smoking room. There will also be games, food and a bar, and subsequently slot machines.

“We want this to be an adult playground,” tribal leader Anthony Ryder told AP.

“There is nothing like this anywhere in America,” he added.

The tribe hopes that the institution will bring up to two million dollars in profits per month.

“[The Tribe] must take advantage of these opportunities because they have to evolve in the present to preserve the past,” Ryder says.

In 2014, the US Department of Justice introduced a new policy that allows Indian tribes to grow and sell marijuana in some states, such as Colorado.

However, the tribes are not allowed to sell it to minors and grow it on public lands.

Marijuana will be sold in sealed bags, no more than one gram at a time.

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