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In the US, approved the first device to prevent migraine


The first apparatus to combat migraine attacks was approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. A band that will need to be put on the head will help prevent migraine attacks by stimulating the corresponding nerve areas. However, it will be impossible to stop an already started migraine attack with this device.

The device is called Cefaly. It is a bezel, which is put on his forehead and attached to the ears. The device runs on a battery.

“The patient will have to place the bezel in the center of the forehead, above the eyes. There is an electrode on its surface, - explained in the official comment of the US Food and Drug Administration. “The device directs a weak electrical current to the skin and tissues underneath it to act on the trigeminal nerve, which can cause migraines.”

However, an innovative product developed in Belgium has not yet appeared in free sale in American pharmacies. It can be obtained only by prescription.

Cefaly will be able to use only adults, children will not register it. Patients will have to wear a headband for 20 minutes daily. At this time, they may feel a “slight tingling or burning sensation”.

“This device is a promising step in the fight against migraines because it targets the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve that we believe is the main cause of attacks,” says Dr. Myrna Cardiel, professor at New York University Medical Center. She also added that the device is perfectly compatible with various drugs used to treat migraines.

Migraines today suffer from millions of Americans. The disease is accompanied by painful bouts of headache in one (rarely in both) half of the head. In addition, nausea and vomiting are often noted, as well as increased sensitivity to light and sounds. According to the US National Institutes of Health, 10% of the world's population occasionally encounters migraines.

The price of a Cefaly device in the USA is not reported. However, in Canada today it costs about 300 dollars.

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