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In Paris, found dead alleged illegitimate son of Alain Delon: he was 60 years old

In Paris, they found dead Ari Boulogne, who claimed to be the illegitimate son of the famous actor Alain Delon. The body of a 60-year-old photographer was found in his house. His 58-year-old companion was taken into custody for "failing to help a person in danger," reports Focus.

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Ari Boulogne had health problems. He was suffering from the effects of a bad fall and was recently admitted to the hospital.

“The last time I spoke to him a month ago, he was in a wheelchair after a bad fall,” said a source close to the victim.

His body, in an advanced stage of decomposition, was found in his apartment on the rue Cambronne in Paris (XV arrondissement) on 20 May. The remains were transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Specialists will perform an autopsy and determine the exact cause of death. Le Parisien.

The Paris prosecutor's office reported that a 58-year-old woman, a girlfriend of a 60-year-old photographer, was detained for failing to help a person. She also found his body.

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Unacknowledged paternity

Ari Boulogne, a 60-year-old photographer, has claimed for decades that he is the son of Alain Delon. Delon did not acknowledge paternity.

His mother Nico, the famous model, muse of Andy Warhol and lead singer of the Velvet Underground, always claimed that her son was the result of a fleeting affair with Alain Delon in the early 1960s. She passed away in 1988 after suffering a head injury after falling off her bicycle.

Her son Ari was taken in by Alain Delon's mother Edith and her second husband Paul Boulogne. They gave the boy their last name. Delon himself had a bad relationship with his mother, they practically did not communicate, and he himself repeatedly stated that his nurse, Madame Nero, was his real mother.

Ari Boulogne, born Christian Aaron Peffgen, filed in September 2019 for an acknowledgment of paternity in the court of Orléans. In August 2020, the court ruled that “French jurisdiction is territorially incompetent” because Alain Delon has been living in Switzerland since 1984. The appeal is still ongoing. Boulogne's two children, Charles, 24, and Blanche, 17, may take over the legal baton in an attempt to prove they are the famous actor's grandchildren.

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In his autobiography Love Never Forgets, Ari Boulogne spoke about his close relationship with his mother and how they used drugs together.

“From the age of 16 until the very end, we used the same drug, the same syringe. It was a way to be together,” he said in a 2018 interview.

Alain Delon, the recognized sex symbol of French cinema, had several high-profile novels. In 1958, he began dating actress Romy Schneider. They even got engaged, but suddenly broke off the engagement.

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In 1964, Delon married actress Nathalie Barthelemy. In this marriage, the son of actor Anthony Delon was born. Four years later, the couple divorced.
In 1968, Delon began a fifteen-year romance with actress Mireille Dark.

In 1987, Delon began dating a fashion model from the Netherlands, Rosalie van Bremen. They divorced in 2001. The couple had a daughter, Anushka, and a son, Alain-Fabien.

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