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Eight states will hold a referendum on the legalization of marijuana

In November, marijuana can be legalized in eight more states of the United States. Photo:

In November, cannabis can be legalized in eight more US states.

California is among eight states in which on November 8 a referendum will consider the issue of legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational or medical purposes.

In addition to California, the legalization of marijuana for entertainment purposes will be considered in Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine; medical plants are intended to be legalized in Florida, Missouri and Arkansas, writes CNN Money.

“This is truly a watershed year in the legalization of marijuana, so I hope we see a significant change in November,” said F. Aaron Smith, co-founder and executive director of the National Marijuana Processing Industry Association.

He is particularly pleased with the prospect of legalizing these products in California, since this is the most populous state in the country with a very strong economy.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla confirmed that the Marijuana Legalization Initiative in the region has collected 402 signatures - enough to put the matter to a vote in the state.

If the initiative is approved, then 15% tax will be introduced for the sale of marijuana.

Proponents of the initiative say that legalizing marijuana may attract more than $ 1 billion in tax revenue per year to California, and law enforcement costs can be reduced by $ 100 million.

In California, medical use of marijuana has already been legalized, this state was the first in the United States to make a similar decision back in 1996.

Despite the positive perception of marijuana in this region, in 2010, the issue of legalizing “grass” for entertainment purposes did not get the necessary number of votes, so it is very difficult to predict the results of voting in November.

In February, 2015, the District of Columbia, with the capital of the United States of America Washington, legalized the possession and use of marijuana in small numbers, joining the states of Washington, Alaska and Colorado.

In addition, medical use of marijuana is permitted in 20 states, among them California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey and Hawaii.

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