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A Chinese spy balloon was spotted in the sky over the United States: the Pentagon put fighters on alert

The Department of Defense believes the balloon seen over Montana is a reconnaissance balloon from China, a senior agency official said. Writes about it CBS News.

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The official said the US has urgently contacted Chinese officials and US President Joe Biden has been briefed on the situation.

In addition, the US official said that Washington had communicated directly with Beijing about the situation.

According to a Defense Department spokesman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley recommended that the ball not be shot down due to the danger of debris. The US government has determined that the balloon poses no threat.

A source familiar with the situation noted that Biden initially wanted to shoot down the balloon. But when he asked for advice from the Department of Defense leadership, in particular Lloyd Austin, Milley and others, they said no action should be taken because of the risk to the population.

But the administration decides what to do with the balloon when it gets to a place where it can be safely shot down.

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Pentagon spokesman General Patrick Ryder said the balloon "currently flies at an altitude well above commercial air travel and poses no military or physical threat to people on the ground." A US official said on Feb. 3 that the balloon over Montana was "not moving very fast."

On Feb. 3, China's Foreign Ministry said that "speculation and hype are not conducive to solving the problem until the facts are clear. We will learn about the verification of this question. We hope that both sides can calmly and prudently resolve everything.”

Foreign Affairs Department spokeswoman Mao Ning said she did not know if US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken would travel to China this month.

Blinken will be the highest-ranking member of the Biden administration to visit China as tensions escalate between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan, trade and other issues.

Canada's Department of National Defense (DND) said the balloon had been "discovered" and that Canada was "taking steps to secure its airspace, including monitoring for a potential second incident." Without specifying what the incident might be.

The US was unable to confirm the possible second balloon mentioned in Canada.

A Pentagon official said the balloon was flying at an altitude of about 66 feet (000 km). ICBM silos are located in Montana, and fighter jets were alerted to shoot down the balloon.

Although similar incidents had happened before, they had never lasted this long. The US had been tracking the balloon for quite some time when it entered US continental airspace a couple of days ago.

Balloon surveillance capabilities, according to the Pentagon, are not a significant improvement over what China is likely to be able to collect through other means, such as satellites in low Earth orbit. As a precaution, the Pentagon has taken additional mitigation measures to protect certain sites.

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There are other ways to deal with it besides destroying it, such as electronically jamming the signals it sends back.

Ryder said the US government will continue to "monitor and closely monitor the balloon."

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted on Thursday, Feb. 2 that "China's brazen disregard for US sovereignty is a destabilizing act that must be dealt with and President Biden cannot remain silent."

“I request a briefing from the Gang of Eight,” he wrote, referring to the bipartisan group of eight Congressional leaders tasked with analyzing national intelligence information.

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte said he "received an information briefing" on Wednesday, Feb. 1, "about the situation surrounding the alleged Chinese spy balloon that flew over Montana" and added that he was "deeply concerned by the constant stream of disturbing events" .

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