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In Michigan, the price of gas fell to 47 cents per gallon

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In Michigan in Kharton Lake, the price of fuel fell to a record low and amounted to 47 cents per gallon (3,8 liters), that is, about 12 cents per liter.

Patrick De Haan, a spokesman for that monitors US gasoline prices, explained that such a low gas price was due to a price war between gas station chains in the state.

Around midnight on January 19, GasBuddy recorded a return on gas at the Beacon Bridge Market gas station to the 1,40 dollar per gallon.

In addition to Houghton Lake, nowhere else in the US were there such gasoline prices. The average cost per gallon at the moment is 1,89 dollars, which is only 17 cents lower than the average for 2015 a year.

In the 2008 year, at the peak of oil prices, the average cost of a gallon in the country was 4,12 dollars, and at some gas stations it reached six dollars per gallon.

The city of Houghton is located in the same district in northern Michigan. According to 2010, the population of the city was 7,7 thousand people. In 1995, the city of Houghton appeared in the book "100 of the best small cities in the USA".

As ForumDaily wrote earlier, the cost of the high-sulfur oil North Dakota Sour from North Dakota down below zero, although a year ago 13,5 dollars were given for the same brand. Oil refining company Flint Hills Resources said it was ready to buy North Dakota Sour if it was paid 50 cents per barrel.


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