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In Massachusetts, a student was suspended from school because he hugged a teacher

An 12-year-old student was suspended from classes at Worcester High School, Mass., For embracing a physical education teacher during a lesson.

Фото: Depositphotos

“I don’t expect the teacher to react normally to being touched or hugged. But as a teacher I hope that she will explain to her students what boundaries exist in her class, ”the boy’s adoptive mother quotes Nbc boston.

Julie Orozko, the adoptive mother of the student, demands to clarify the rules of the educational institution after her son was suspended from study for 10 days and recorded a physical attack on her teacher.

“I was told that he assaulted the teacher,” says Julie Orozko. - I was shocked and asked to tell in detail about what happened. Soon they explained to me that he just hugged his physical education teacher. ”

“I just hugged her. Nothing really happened, ”said the seventh grader.

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NBC10 Boston does not name the 12 year old boy. Orozko says that, according to his son, he was fooling around with friends at a physical education lesson, when the teacher told him to sit down and do nothing.

“I went up, hugged her and said:“ Please, I like the game, so I don’t want to sit and mess around, ”the boy said.

After about 5 minutes, the teacher allowed him to continue the game.

The adoptive mother says the boy was called to the principal's office. According to the woman, after several phone calls and emails, the principal softened the student's school record to “breaking school rules,” and his suspension was reduced to 4 days. But the mother insists the school rules do not say anything about hugging, and she does not want the incident to be used against the boy in the future.

“If you admit that you have not had the opportunity to educate students about what you expect of them, and then say, 'He is 12 years old and he should know that hugging is bad,' then this is ridiculous.” the boy's mother is indignant.

By telephone, the principal of the city’s school district did not comment on the incident.

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