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In California, a wildfire completely destroyed the city: there are casualties

The small Californian town of Berry Creek about 100 miles (160 km) north of Sacramento is destroyed by the deadly Bear Fire. Writes about it Fox News.

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Bear Fire is part of the North Complex fires, which collectively burned over 254 acres (000 ha) in the northern part of the state.

“My immigrant father owns Village Market, the only store in Berry Creek. The store burned down as a result of BearFire, a reporter for Chico Enterprise-Record tweeted. “He put everything into the business so that my brothers and I had many opportunities. He often worked 80 hours a week. We have insurance, but we still grieve. "

Most buildings in Berry Creek, California, with a population of about 1200, were destroyed on Wednesday, Sept. 9, according to Enterprise-Record.

More than 100 people were rescued from the fire on Tuesday, Aug. 8, including five with severe burns, according to SFGate and Enterprise-Record.

As of September 9, at least three people have died as a result of the Bear Fire and about 12 are missing.

One person was found dead in Berry Creek after trying to escape the fire, which rapidly expanded in size overnight.

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The victim was found dead in the car on Wednesday morning. Authorities said the man appeared to have driven up to the ditch and tried to escape on foot, but was unable to.

According to local reports, the Butte County Sheriff's Department said at least three people were killed in the fire. The identities of the victims were not disclosed.

By Wednesday, September 9, a fire had destroyed or damaged over 2000 buildings in Butte County and threatened thousands more.

The city of Paradise, which was destroyed by fire back in 2018, is under threat again.

“This is panic-stricken,” said Paradise Mayor Greg Bolin, who lost his home in 2018. "The smell, the falling ash - everything reminds of that day."

In 2018, the city of Paradise was in a similar situation. At the time, it was one of the largest fires in US history. The CampFire fire, which began on November 8, was completely contained by the end of the month. It killed at least 85 people, the fire element damaged or destroyed thousands of houses and other structures. Paradise alone with a population of about 27 thousand people was completely destroyed by the elements.

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