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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Better to delete: in which services you should not throw your account

Most Internet users rarely think about deleting an account on sites that they no longer need. Usually, people simply stop using the service, and the completed profile with personal information remains gathering dust on the server in anticipation of a hack.

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In this regard, referring to Kaspersky Lab, I decided to remind you in which services you should not drop your account and how to further protect it from intruders.

1. Social networks

In all popular social networks, experts strongly recommend that you enable two-factor authentication. This is especially worth considering to people who use an account, such as Facebook, only to enter other applications. In addition, it’s worth setting up notifications about all attempts to enter the profile to find out if someone is trying to take over your account.

2. Spare Email

Many people use spare e-mails to register on random sites, redirect notifications and the like. Accounts with important data are often associated with these addresses. Losing access to such mail is very easy, since it is usually not read, but avoiding this is even easier: two-factor authentication and sending messages to a separate folder on the main mailbox.

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3. Password managers

At the same time, there are services like password managers that cannot be held dead weight at all. Imagine that for everyone to see put up a printed sheet with your usernames and passwords. This is what an abandoned password manager looks like. Therefore, you need to delete a profile with important data if you are no longer using it.

4. Online stores

Do not forget about online stores, because there we usually use bank cards. On trading floors, you can’t link cards to your account. Also, experts advise paying with a card on which there is not a lot of money.

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5. Work accounts

For large companies, the work accounts of former employees registered with Google are of interest. After dismissal, a person is simply denied access to mail, but the account itself is not deleted, as are the documents stored on it. Therefore, enterprises should independently revoke access to all services and accounts that the departed employee had.

6. Phone numbers

Finally, experts recommend paying attention to phone numbers that are rarely used, only to receive rare SMS for two-factor authentication, while for calls and the Internet the user has a different number. If the operator decides to block such a SIM card, all accounts tied to it will be transferred to another person at one time. Therefore, the backup number for obtaining passwords should be used at least once a month, and also maintain a positive balance on it.

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