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More people have already died from COVID-19 in the US this year than in 2020

More than 1 deaths from COVID-353 have already been reported since January 000, according to Johns Hopkins University, which is about a thousand more than last year in the first 19 months of the pandemic in the United States (10). The edition told in more detail NY Daily News.

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There are key differences between the two years that may explain some of the changes, according to medical experts.

Florida International University professor and chair of epidemiology, Dr. Mary Jo Trepka, said the much more contagious Delta variant increased the number of cases, resulting in much higher cumulative rates. This was compounded by the lack of herd immunity due to low vaccination rates.

“Thus, many people were unprotected,” Trepka summed up.

She noted that mass vaccinations were not available until spring, with the biggest spike this year in January, after the holidays. In addition, unlike in 2020, there was no widespread isolation this year.

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“The coronavirus doesn't know what year it is,” said Dr. David Daudi, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. "And deaths mostly come in waves."

Tellingly, the biggest wave of 2020 came in the days immediately after the holidays - before vaccines became widely available.

Comparing the number of cases with the number of deaths is also key, Trepka said.

"The more cases of COVID-19, the more deaths," the professor said, although it also depends on who gets sick. Elderly or medically vulnerable people have a higher chance of serious illness and a higher mortality rate.

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In addition, the Delta variant changed the frequency of vaccinations required for herd immunity, Trepka said.

“We hope we can increase vaccination rates so that we don't get another big spike like this summer,” she said. - The level of vaccination required to obtain herd immunity depends on the pathogen. When you have something highly transmissible, you need to vaccinate a much larger percentage of the population to get herd immunity. ”

Thus, both Trepka and Daudi stated that increasing the number of vaccinations is critical to avert another deadly wave.

“It should be noted that if we had better vaccinated the population before this latest wave, we could have prevented a significant number of deaths,” Daudi said, referring to the summer surge, mainly among unvaccinated people.

“Even now, a third of the adult population is not fully vaccinated, which is more than 50 million people who are at risk of actually contracting the disease and potentially dying,” Daudi said. "If these people were vaccinated, it would reduce the risk of dying from this disease - not to zero, but to a very manageable level."

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