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In the fight for the 'American foundations': how Russian-speaking immigrants are going to vote in the elections

The pre-election polarization of American society has not spared the Russian-speaking community either. Among the emigrants from post-Soviet countries, there were both convinced supporters of the incumbent president and his implacable opponents.

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Fears and hopes

The main arguments of those who are going to vote for the current US President Donald Trump, became the fear of riots and the fear of the introduction of "affirmative action" in favor of African Americans with infringement of the rights of the white population. Many respondents also fear that Trump's rival Joe Biden due to his age, he will not be able to fulfill his duties for a long time, and, in their opinion, he will be replaced by the "radical left" wing of the Democratic Party, which will bring poverty to the United States following the example of the communist countries.

We can say that the main discontent among the supporters of the current head of the White House is not the present, but a certain image of the future. At the same time, they credit Donald Trump mainly with the high level of economic development of the country, observed before the pandemic, and some foreign policy achievements. They also call the declared adherence to the slogan "law and order" one of the main advantages of the president.

In turn, the majority of Russian-speaking supporters of the Democrats are convinced that Trump, in practice, does not seek the offensive of the rule of law and, on the contrary, only intensifies the confrontation in society, using the riots in his own interests. Many find the president's behavior inconsistent with basic American values ​​and believe that Trump's intrinsic interference in the justice system has destroyed the system of checks and balances.

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They are also afraid of the president's foreign policy, administrative chaos and a large number of court convictions against people from his inner circle. Many are convinced that a number of Trump's actions pose a threat to national security, and some recall his failures in the fight against coronavirus. Quite often, there are cases where the personality and behavior of the president often evokes more negative reactions from Trump's opponents than his immediate policies.

Chaos and pandemic

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«If Trump is re-elected, we will never see the States as we know them today. In less than four years, working with an eye on the re-election, he nevertheless was able to almost completely destroy the foundations of the country, everything on which it rests, primarily the system of checks and balances of the authorities. He managed to completely subordinate the Department of Justice, the FBI, to dismiss the inspectors, whose duties included monitoring that the president and his cabinet did not break the law. Imagine how and what he will do if he is re-elected and there is absolutely nothing to restrain him? It is hard to imagine what will happen to the United States in the field of foreign policy. Trump has almost severed ties with our NATO and EU allies, turning his face only to Putin. If he is re-elected, the sanctions against Russia will be lifted, and Ukraine will face a very unenviable fate.", - fears Alexander from Staten Island.

«Trump is an absolutely dishonest person who came to power, no doubt, not without Russian interference. He came to the White House on a wave of economic recovery that was the direct result of consistent Keynesian policies. Barack Obama... When Trump began forming the cabinet, over the past four years, he has become what Americans call a "revolving door", given the huge number of layoffs, layoffs and scandals in his government.

When the coronavirus hit, Trump insisted that everything was fine, the "Chinese virus" was completely stopped, and there was nothing to be afraid of. We all see the result today: the pandemic is beginning to march across the country, the number of victims is growing exponentially, there are not enough ventilators, and the economy is tending to zero. As a result, people start taking to the streets and robbing shops, and serious hotbeds of conflict arise in the country. The United States is becoming a political pariah in the Western world, and Americans are no longer allowed anywhere. All the while, Trump has calmly continued to play golf and deliver speeches in the best traditions of the dictators of the banana republics. It is clear that mass protests and the weakening of the role of the police in cities only play into his hands. He wants to play this trump card in order to attract the appropriate electorate. All this means only one thing: this person is ready to sacrifice people's lives just to stay in power.", - says George from New York.

It is significant that among the immigrants voting for the Democrats, there are more opponents of Trump than convinced supporters of Joe Biden, that is, people are ready to vote "by contradiction." However, there are also exceptions.

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«I am going to vote for Joseph Biden, who has extensive experience as a crisis manager who inherited from Dick Cheney и George W. Bush the deepest crisis since the Great Depression of the 20s; a senator who since the 20s has been able to find common ground with Republicans in legislative work in Congress; friend of Ukraine and Israel, enemy of Putin; a man of honor and dignity who will defend the American Constitution, American institutions and the principles on which our democracy was built. A President who will not only restore the States to their role as the leader of the Western world, but also create new jobs related to renewable energy sources that reduce or neutral to climate change"- said Alexander from Brooklyn.

Pogroms and poverty

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Meanwhile, supporters of Donald Trump are confident that the policy pursued by the president, including at the international level, is in the country's interests.

«Rather, we need to vote against Biden, who at 78 will only be nominally president, and an aggressive Leftist group will decide everything for him. We see riots in cities controlled by Democrats, and their complete refusal not only to do anything, but to see what the "peaceful protesters" are doing. We see them kneeling and asking for forgiveness for something incomprehensible and it is not clear from whom at all, not because they feel some kind of guilt that happened 160 years ago, but in order to make a beautiful picture. I want my children to live in a country where skin color, religion, sexuality or political affiliations do not matter. If Biden gets into the White House, then white Americans will have to defend, because all whites will be considered slave owners who owe something to someone - this is the rhetoric of those who support Biden.

But apart from voting against, Trump has a lot of positives. The economy before the pandemic was at its best, he made Jerusalem the capital, brought Saudi Arabia and Israel closer together, met with the leader of North Korea, and did not expect something like Obama. He appointed judges who followed the laws, not created them. Yes, Trump is against illegal immigration, and that's okay. Why should a country support criminals while thousands of people follow the law when they come here? The USA is a capitalist country, we all came here because here we could become something, regardless of what made us different from others. So why not vote for a person who supports this and who keeps his campaign promises, which in itself is a rare occurrence?"- asks Julia from Seattle.

«Only people who want "back to the USSR" and have forgotten what one party and one opinion means can vote for Biden. They do not understand that the democrats want to completely change the country, rewrite its history. The war on monuments and the persecution of dissidents has already begun. In addition, the Democrats want to force us to pay "reparations" to African Americans, to relocate "ghettos" to the suburbs, as a result of which the value of houses will plummet due to the growth of crime. Children will be taught communism, and there will be no one to protect us, since the Democrats will abolish the police. If we don't vote for Trump, this nightmare will come true!", - predicts Andrey from Florida.

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«Economic growth, successful foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. Trump does not belong to the corrupt Clinton clan, Pelosi, and so on. He focuses on safety and law, opposes illegal immigration, and kept his campaign promises", - lists the merits of the current president Anna.

Among Russian-speaking immigrants, there are also those who equally negatively disposed towards both candidates.

«Why these characters turned out to be candidates for the presidency from Democrats and Republicans, you can write a dissertation. Point one: elections in our country are not funded by taxpayers, but by donations to candidates from individuals and corporations, that is, mainly by big capital. To paraphrase the well-known proverb, whoever pays calls the tune. In fact, both of our candidates represent a country that no longer exists, and the slogan “MAGA” can be used by each of them equally. I have no illusions about who they will serve.

The United States, meanwhile, is in need of radical change. Reforms in health care, the judiciary and police, education, taxation and immigration are long overdue, but big business does not want them, as this will lead to higher taxes for them. Meanwhile, tensions are growing. The demonstrations are no longer exclusively peaceful. Groups of both white supermatists and African Americans march openly through the streets in full armor. And it won't go away by itself. It will only get worse"- says Anatoly from New Jersey.


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