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USCIS will issue additional H-1B work visas: who can apply

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will re-randomize the H-1B visa applicants. This is stated in a press release from the department.

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In March 2021, USCIS conducted the first random selection of properly submitted electronic registrations for FY2022. The application period was from April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

“We recently came to the conclusion that we need to select additional winners to achieve multiple commitments for FY2022. And on July 28, we selected previously submitted applications using a random selection process. The petition period, based on applications selected on July 28, will begin on August 2 and close on November 3. Individuals with selected applications will receive an updated account in myUSCIS, and will know when and where to re-petition, ”the agency said in a statement.

On the subject: USCIS will review denials of H-1B work visas made under the Trump administration

The petition must be properly filed with the appropriate service center and within the filing period specified in the notice. Online registration for H-1B petitions is not available. Applicants must do this on paper and attach a printed copy of the appropriate notice that they have been selected for re-participation.

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The choice of registration only indicates that petitioners are eligible to file H-1B petitions with subject restrictions; this does not mean that the petition will be approved. Applicants who file petitions must continue to provide evidence and establish the right to approve the petition based on existing legal and regulatory requirements.

For more information, visit page H-1B.

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