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A unique experience: a city in the USA where they go in summer clothes even in severe frosts

Tourists who have visited the northern US city of Minneapolis are surprised that even in the most severe frosts, locals can easily go to work, visit shops, cafes, entertainment venues, simply by wearing a summer shirt and trousers. How they do it, says the author of the channel "The Age of Construction" on Yandex.Zen.

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The thing is that the city authorities have created a unique system of closed passages between houses and shopping malls. This system has a total length of about 18 kilometers and allows you to walk between 80 blocks of the city.

Skyway System Conversion System

Minneapolis is one of the largest cities in Minnesota. The city is located in a very harsh climate zone, where in winter the temperature can drop below -30 degrees Celsius. Constant snowfalls, hurricanes and other disasters do not allow you to comfortably be on the street. The city authorities decided to create a unique system of covered transitions above the ground, which would allow local residents to freely move around the city even on the coldest days. It took a lot of money to build a pedestrian system, but it was worth it! All year round, inside pedestrian crossings, a comfortable temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius is maintained.

City inside the city

This decision allowed local residents and visitors to move freely throughout the entire territory in ordinary summer clothes. Using the transitions, you can easily get to the workplace, go to a cafe, visit a museum or relax in a theater or cinema. People do not have to leave the room and go out onto a snowy street. The system is called Minneapolis Skyway System and connects almost all neighborhoods within the city. Residents call such a system - a city inside the city.

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No interference to vehicles

Note that the air passages are located at the level of the third floor and do not interfere with the roadway. A sophisticated system allows over 280 thousand people a day to pass through. Of course, for the first time getting into the air passage, a tourist can get confused as in a complex maze, therefore, a special program for smartphones is provided here. Using the program, you can easily determine your own location and find the necessary path to the store or other destination.

Attractions along the way

The system combines all the attractions in the city, so that it is easier for tourists and travelers to get access to theaters, concert halls and other cultural places. Some transitions have turned into art platforms where you can look at contemporary art.

It is worth noting that the only inconvenience is the availability of a work schedule. On a typical day, crossings are open from 6:30 and close at 22:00. On weekends, transitions work on a schedule from 8:00 to 20:00.

Original column published on the blog. "The Age of Construction" on Yandex.Zen.

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