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Treats from all over the world: what street food is worth trying in New York

On the streets of New York you can taste all the dishes of the world. Residents of the largest US metropolis do everything on the run, so food carts are everywhere. About the most popular street food dishes told the author of the channel “50 shades of New York” on the site Yandex Zen.

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“In midtown Manhattan, you can find solid-looking office workers in expensive suits, hastily eating Chinese noodles from paper boxes. They just have no time to decorously eat a business lunch in the surrounding establishments, ”the author notes.

Therefore, fast food vans and all kinds of portable street food carts can be found everywhere in New York. At the same time, unlike street food in Asian countries, the chance of poisoning is minimal here, the author assures.

In this publication you will find the most popular street foodthat "attract hungry tourists and residents of the city with clubs of exciting flavors."

  1. Pretzel. This legacy of German settlers is one of the symbols of the Big Apple. Both locals and hungry tourists go around famous sights and greedily eat a hot crispy bagel with large crystals of salt. “It seems to me that in the center of such points (where you can buy a pretzel - Ed.) There are 5 pieces per quarter, and everyone is doing a brisk trade,” the author notes.
  2. Hot dog popular for being the cheapest hearty snack option in Manhattan. The hot dog costs only $ 2 in the minimum configuration. You can buy it, for example, at the entrance to Central Park - there is a trailer from the cult Nathan's Famous diner, which sells President Roosevelt's favorite hot dogs. "They say he even ordered them for the Yalta conference!" - the author writes.
  3. Halal. Halal, halal - "everything that is permitted and permissible in Islam." Most often, this concept is used to refer to food that is properly prepared and allowed by Muslims. Trailers where you can buy it are found all over New York. “Recently I see them even more often than others. Such stalls are kept by immigrants from Egypt and Bangladesh. There are several types of sandwiches on the menu, variations on the theme of our shawarma and rice with meat, ”the author explained.
  4. Lobster roll - this, according to the author, is a purely New York delicacy. “The city is on the ocean, and the local catering offers a lot of local seafood dishes. Juicy lobster meat, seasoned with spices and lime juice, served in a soft bun - delicious…. It is useless to describe it - you have to try, ”the author shares. True, this pleasure is not cheap - $ 12-14.
  5. Pizza. In New York, its own pizza culture has emerged - from a very thin crusty dough that allows you to fold a piece in half and deftly use it on the go. Moreover, New Yorkers believe that it is their city - the world capital of this Italian dish, once brought by immigrants.

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