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Amazing Southern California park you want to come back to

Jaw Dropping Point Mugu Park is unlike anything else in Southern California. When you think of a park, you almost reflexively imagine images of green grass, slides and swings. But what if Southern California has a park with many oceanfront beaches, stunning mountains, wilderness, canyons and ancient oaks. Such a place really exists and it is simply magnificent, writes Only in Your State.

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Jaw Dropping Point Mugu Park is more than just a park - it's an incredible experience. A visit to the park is a special pleasure that leads to the fact that you want to repeat it over and over again. So where do you start?

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The beauty of Jaw Dropping Point Mugu is that you can walk on it the way you want, depending on what you are determined to see, as this park has everything. After all, this is an unusual park.

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If you want to spend time hiking, there are several paths to choose from with diverse landscapes.

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You can even choose the length of the hike. You can choose a super fast track less than a mile long (1,6 km) or take a longer trip, approximately eight miles (12,8 km).

For a more incredible experience, choose the canyon trail, it is completely surrounded by lush foliage and this is unimaginable beauty.

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Or, if you like the beach more, you will be amazed by the paths on the ocean. The beach takes about 5 miles (8 km).

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During your trek, the variety of plants and wildlife at Jaw Dropping Point Mugu will be amazing. Or, depending on what time of the year you are in the park, you can be distracted by the sight of a sea lion that is resting on the shore.

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There is nothing more pleasant than a relaxing holiday in Sycamore Bay. Relax a bit in the shade under a tree or in the sand, and let the sound of the ocean completely relax you.

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And if you decide to stay overnight in the park, you can always do this by setting up a camp.

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But the best part of the day at Jaw Dropping Point Mugu is to catch a glimpse of sunset and sunrise. It is always a magical sight. And it never bothers.

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