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Remote work, transportation and the eco-sphere: what professions will be in demand in 2021

With the acceleration of technology adoption, new business models and an increased demand for certain skills and roles in organizations, the pandemic has changed not only the way we work, but the very work we do. Fast Company.

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One example is the impact of telecommuting on roles that are typically performed in the office. A growing number of companies in the United States are hiring telecommuting directors - specialists in leadership positions in charge of the needs of telecommuting workers who have skyrocketed during the pandemic. But this is not the only new role. Here are a few more professions that we will face in 2021 and beyond.

Professions that facilitate a new way of working

The pandemic has led to some kind of mobility boom in the US. The townspeople, who found themselves in small apartments, moved to the suburbs. Some took the opportunity to work remotely for this. Indeed, between 2017 and 2020, the list of “relocation assistants” grew by 600%. Before the pandemic, growth was fueled by the relocation of companies to secondary cities, mainly to save taxes and lower the cost of living. However, in 2020, local governments were looking for relocation assistants to help people on low incomes who faced evictions or homeless.

In addition, there will be new roles in the way we work now and in the tools we use.

Logistics and warehouse specialists

The pandemic has put tremendous pressure on the supply chain and spurred the growth of companies supplying goods and materials. Job search site Monster has seen a rise in the number of logistics professionals ranging from logistics professionals and coordinators to supply chain analysts. Although the overall labor market cut 140 jobs in December, employment in transport and warehousing rose by 000. Monster data also confirms that professional demand for logistics, warehouses and supply chains is growing everywhere.

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Jobs in the environmental sector

Monster is also forecasting an increase in hiring in the environmental sector, primarily due to the priorities of the new leadership in the US capital.

“The trends that we expect to see in the new year are a continuation of the crisis that is still spreading. In addition, the growth of green jobs is based on what is happening in the new Congress and the Biden administration's commitment to green jobs, ”the company said.

The company expects an increase in the number of positions ranging from environmental engineers and scientists to energy auditors, sales representatives and solar experts. Researchers predict that climate change leaders will be needed - especially in large organizations.

E-commerce specialists

The pandemic has put particular pressure on the role of e-commerce as companies seek safe ways to do business.

“The e-commerce world has been undergoing short-term changes due to the coronavirus crisis because so many purchases have moved into this space,” said Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at career and information website Glassdoor.

When a sector booms, there is a greater division of labor. As a result, there are jobs in social media, search engine optimization and digital marketing, especially if the business is tied to e-commerce functions. All this instead of a one-stop SEO specialist.

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Cultural Professionals

The past year has also drawn attention to the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in organizations. Chamberlain says the demand for these professionals is growing, especially for diversity leaders. Companies make better decisions and get better financial results when more diverse voices are represented, he said. The authors of 21 HR Jobs of the Future also predict more anti-bias roles will emerge in the next five years.

Indeed, the number of HR directors has gone six figures over the past few years, growing by more than 100%. According to a recent report, this top-tier HR role monitors corporate culture and helps ensure a more equitable distribution of jobs.

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