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Three ways to make money while on vacation

Summer is the time for vacations, and the only drawback of this season is that in most cases the rest is expensive. But this problem can be solved, because there are several ways to make money while on vacation.

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Your vacation can be not only a source of expenses, but also bring good income, writes Learn Vest.

Several applications downloaded to the phone and a little planning will help you relax and make money at the same time.

1. How to make money by car

Fly away on vacation, many leave the car in the parking lot at the airport, which can be a very expensive pleasure. Instead, you can use the service Flightcar. It is free and offers car parking at the airport, car washing and cleaning, as well as the opportunity to get from 5 to 20 cents per mile if someone from the service rents your car.

Competitor RelayRides allows you to place your own free car rental ad, as well as approve suitable tenants. You will receive 75% of the total cost of renting your car, which ranges from $ 24 to $ 100 per day, depending on the type of car.

Do you live in an area where parking is hard to find? Spot will allow to rent a private parking for an hour, day, week or month in exchange for paying 15% of its cost.

2. How to make money on social media

If you are a vacation shopper, download the free app. Coign. Take a photo of your purchases, specify the price, store, as well as the manufacturer, using this application, and post photos on social networks Facebook or Twitter.

When someone buys a product related to your image, you get from 30% to 60% sales commission provided Coign. Your rate varies depending on your status in the application (new users start with 30%), and you will receive money as soon as the amount reaches $ 40.

3. How to make money on a photo

Photos that you post on social networks are often more than just likes in Facebook and friends comments.

Sites Shutterstock и Istock pay royalties for the photos you upload - every time someone downloads them. The amount can vary from a few cents to $ 100 for each download.

Free application Foap offers a similar service to smartphone users, the author of the photo earns $ 5 every time an image is sold, and more than $ 100 if your picture wins the competition.

Foap holds various contests that fit your vacation very well. For example, one of the photographers earned $ 300 in the app for the best photo of the pin-colada.

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