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Three ways to check car history for free

When buying a car that has already run on American roads, we strongly recommend checking its history yourself, as this will allow you to avoid unnecessary problems and take care of safety.

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In most cases, the vehicle history verification service will have to be paid, however there are many open sources where you can get partial access to the vehicle history. Also, when buying a car, these costs can be charged to the dealer or seller. Resource WikiHow shared 3 ways to do it for free.

Check out the main features

  1. Make a note of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which is located on a plate affixed to the vehicle body in several places such as the door pillar, engine block, and which can also be found in the vehicle's manual.
  2. Check out broker vehicle registration services, where you can be redirected to the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Transport.
  3. Find on site section “Vehicle search”.
  4. Click on the link “free vehicle search”. In this section, you can get information about the owner of the vehicle, registration number, as well as information about the legal title.
  5. Indicate whether you are a guest of the site or a registered user. You must also specify the purpose for which this information will be used. If you are a legal entity, you may have to register on the site and become a registered user at the state level. This service can cost you about $ 100 per year and include simultaneous access to several people.
  6. Fill in the form on the site, indicating your data, as well as vehicle data. To search for such important information, you will need to specify your personal data, which can be highly confidential information.
  7. Click submit. The screen will display information about the history of the vehicle in the area, which can be printed out on a printer. Please note that this information may not include vehicle history in other areas.

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Free check through the dealer

If you purchase a car from a dealer, you can request that this information be provided to you free of charge as an incentive to make a purchase.

Do not assume that the dealer agrees to provide this information for several vehicles. Choose the right moment, because, most likely, you will be able to do this only if you are serious and almost ready to make a purchase.

  1. Ask the dealer to provide information about previous owners and check the history of only the car that you intend to purchase. Make it clear that this is a very important part of the transaction, as this ensures the reliability of your purchase.
  2. Insist on your presence while checking the history of the car, as this eliminates the possibility of obtaining falsified information.
  3. Ask your dealer for a copy of the vehicle history information. Carefully read this information and feel free to ask questions if you doubt the authenticity of this information.

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Free authentication check

  1. Write down the identification number of the car (VIN), which you can get from the dealer, or check it yourself during a test drive of the car you like.
  2. Check out broker criminal bureau of state insurance of the USA. From the same IP address you can check up to 5 PIN numbers.
  3. Enter the VIN-number of the car and indicate agreement on the rules of use of the network.
  4. On this page you can see the whole history of the car, including the history of the hijacking and police reports on incidents related to this car. To prevent illegal change of ownership, this information can be traced over the last 5 years.

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