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Inexpensive items not worth buying at Costco

Many people love to shop at bargain prices at Costco, but it turns out that some of the Kirkland brand offerings are not as good and profitable as they seem. Edition Money Talks News told what products should not be bought.

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1. Coffee

A three-pound can (1,3 kg) of 100% Colombian Kirkland coffee, which costs $ 10,99, might seem like a bargain until freshness and unit price are in your head.

Coffee connoisseurs may argue that ground coffee has already passed its peak in taste, no matter when you buy it. But think about how quickly you will use it up after opening.

2. Tuna Albacore

According to Greenpeace, Albacore Tuna is "fished with tools that threaten endangered species."

Costco's label states that it uses monofilament guides and round hooks.

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Greenpeace recommends buying Wild Planet Albacore, which is also available at Costco, instead.

3. Tequila

You can buy Kirkland Signature whiskey, but as experts advise, skip the Kirkland Signature tequila.

Tequila has "an unnatural sweetness, as if it weren't made directly from agave," said one reviewer.

“This is out of place,” said another about the taste of tequila.

One reviewer said anejo tequila, aged in oak for one to three years, tasted like cheap brandy.

The Eater website called Anejo "a tequila-flavored vodka with artificial color that mimics the color of barrel aging."

4. Milk

Finding a place in the refrigerator for two cartons of milk at a bargain price will most likely not be difficult.

But will you really use up both packages before the milk goes bad? Most of us throw away dairy products when the date on the label has passed.

Depending on the size of your family and your milk consumption, it may be more beneficial for you to buy less milk and not throw it away.

5. Eggs

As with other fresh produce, buying eggs in bulk can be a controversial decision. You can buy a pack of five dozen over the course of their shelf life. But are Kirkland Signature eggs really cheaper if you end up throwing them away?

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A pack of 60 Kirkland Signature large eggs recently retailed for $ 8,99, or $ 1,80 per dozen. On the same day, the regional grocery chain was selling a dozen Nulaid jumbo eggs for just $ 2,28, while Walmart was offering a dozen of its Great Value eggs for $ 1,98.

6. Dishwasher detergent

Kirkland Signature Premium dishwasher products ranked 14th out of 10 disposable detergents reviewed by Consumer Reports. The publication gave the product an overall rating of 76 out of 100.

What's more, Consumer Reports' # 1 detergent package now belongs to another retailer's own brand, Member's Mark at Sam's Club. Mark Ultimate Clean scored 92 out of 100, the highest score of any dishwasher detergent or gel in the Consumer Reports ranking.

7. Napkins (paper handkerchiefs)

When Consumer Reports ranked wipes for softness and durability in 2014, the Costco brand was not that great because it wasn't as high-quality as other brands.

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