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8 blunders in US interviews and in preparation

When you start a job search, one of the most important aspects is preparing for an interview. If you have been invited to it, it already says that you are being seriously considered as a potential candidate. The interview will be decisive, so it is important to avoid a number of common mistakes.

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1. Ignorance of the future employer

Thanks to the Internet, today you can study in detail information about the company in which you plan to get a job and its employees. Sometimes even about those with whom you have to communicate at the interview. If you do not know anything about the company, you will never be called back. Better yet, subscribe to company accounts in Twitter and LinkedInand also find a person working in a company who can share insider information with you.

2. Weaknesses and disadvantages

The interview may not be perfect, but you must demonstrate self-confidence so that company representatives, or so-called headhunters, do not doubt your candidacy. It is advisable to bypass your weaknesses. Try to understand what you have some omissions or certain shortcomings, and practice in this matter before going to the office for an interview. In this case, you yourself will feel more prepared.

3. Sloppy appearance

Of course, you, first of all, will be judged by your achievements, but any details, including your appearance, are also important. Those with whom you interact may notice unclean shoes, wrinkled clothing, tousled hair, or even out of place costume. Don't let this little thing get in the way of your job. Before each interview, you should have a set of clean clothes and shoes ready, much like an airline pilot, before each flight.

4. Bad name memory

Try to remember as many names as possible. These may be the names of company representatives who you corresponded with or called up during the first stages of employment, prior to the interview itself (there may be two or three in total). In addition, immediately remember the names of those who will conduct an interview. If you have not been given them in advance, company employees will be sure to introduce themselves at the meeting. There are many useful ways to practice your memory in names. interview и Books.

5. Inability to share stories

Try to tell some memorable stories based on your experience, and not throw employers with various statistical data. Instead of saying the amount you saved for your previous company as a successful project, it’s better to tell about how you organized this project and what steps you took to implement it.

6. Weak handshake

A useless handshake will instantly worsen your position. This is the first point of contact with your interlocutor. Many headhunters complain that potential employees are not able to confidently shake hands when they meet. Even if you have a lot of experience in handshakes, once again practice them with someone, so that you immediately make a good impression. A handshake must be strong and convincing.

7. Inability to listen

Of course, an interview is the very moment when you need to highlight your merits in as much detail as possible, but do not forget also that you need to carefully listen to the person who is communicating with you. Thus, you can get to know this person as best as possible and prepare the most accurate answer to his question. It does not hurt to nod from time to time, but only to the place, as well as pronounce in your answer the phrase that was contained in the question.

8. Inability to ask questions

The questions you are usually asked to ask at the end of the interview have two purposes. First, you can learn something important for yourself. Secondly, they will demonstrate to your company employees an interest in employment and a solid approach. The second aspect is much more important in this case. For example, ask about how penetration of social networks has affected the company's activities and its training programs. Show your knowledge about the company, which you learned in the process of preparing for the interview (see item number XXUMX), which will undoubtedly add to your advantages.

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