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Top 7 TikTok Skin Care Trends Dermatologists Recommend to Avoid

Recommendations on how to take care of yourself have literally flooded TikTok. It has everything from expert advice to homemade recipes that can help you effectively manage your skin. But are they really so effective and safe? Edition Life hacker asked experts and doctors about it.

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According to dermatologist Raina Dick, such videos are both a gift and a curse. On the one hand, some tiktokers share sensible information in an accessible form. On the other hand, anyone can shoot a video, which means that in addition to the recommendations of experts, you come across harmful and even dangerous advice.

Experts noted several at first glance attractive, but in fact dangerous trends from TikTok, which definitely should not be followed.

1. Microneedle therapy at home

Microneedle therapy is a special procedure in which fine needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate collagen production. In the hands of a professional, this procedure improves the condition of the skin.

But TikTok users are trying this therapy at home with a dermaroller. According to experts, there are many more disadvantages in their actions than potential advantages.

“Microneedle therapy at home and the use of a dermaroller can damage the skin and cause infection. Instruments are not sterile and differ from those used by specialists. During a professional procedure, dermatologists use devices that penetrate the skin more deeply, safely and effectively, ”emphasizes dermatologist James Ralston.

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A high level of precision is required to prevent irritation, injury and even scarring. There are other nuances as well.

“Before each procedure, we thoroughly cleanse the skin. If this is not done well enough, you can not only infect, but also provoke the formation of skin granulomas. In addition, we conduct a careful visual inspection. For example, if a patient has a cold on the lips, there is a risk of spreading it all over the face and even into the eyes, ”says dermatologist Papri Sarkar.

Another dangerous trend in the same series is the use of microneedle therapy devices to apply makeup and thus achieve a more lasting result.

“Makeup products are designed to be applied to the skin at the beginning of the day and washed off at the end. It is dangerous to combine decorative cosmetics with microneedle therapy. This will create a temporary tattoo-like effect and cause severe skin irritation, ”warns Assistant Professor of Dermatology Joshua Zeichner.

Dr. Karan Lal of the American Society for Pediatric Dermatology notes cases of people using this technique from TikTok and ending up in hospitals with bacterial infections. This method of applying makeup can penetrate too deeply and cause bleeding.

In addition, decorative cosmetics are not sterile, and together with it, not only all kinds of microorganisms, but also foreign particles get into the deep layers of the skin. This can lead to scars and depigmentation, that is, a change in the color of areas of the skin to a lighter one.

2. Contouring with sunscreen

“A new use for sunblock is to use it on the face where the highlighter is usually applied. In this case, the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and other places are left without cream so that they tan and create a natural contour on the face. This is a very bad idea, says Joyce Park. - Any sunburn is a sign that DNA damage has occurred in the skin cells. Sunblock is not intended to be applied as a highlighter to specific areas. It is important to distribute it evenly over the entire face to avoid photoaging and skin cancer. "

Improper use of sunscreen increases the risk of sunburn and also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, it is better to leave contouring to specially designed tools.

3. Home injections

TikTok users create the illusion with their videos that any procedure can be done at home, if you thoroughly prepare for it. This is not true. Non-professional injections are very hazardous to health.

“Following this trend can lead to blockage of blood vessels, infection, scarring and even blindness if something is wrong,” says dermatologist Rachel Nazarian.

His colleague Dianne Robinson notes that home procedures with lip fillers are especially dangerous. A person without medical education can easily enter a blood vessel and block it, causing tissue necrosis.

4. Vacuum pore cleaning

Vacuum pore cleaners gently draw out oil, dead skin cells and dirt for a cleaner, fresher face. This procedure is usually done by professionals in beauty salons, but some TikTok users try to clean it themselves.

“Unprofessional, poorly regulated devices can seriously damage the skin and lead to the formation of spider veins. In this case, only laser procedures will help to correct the situation, ”explains dermatologist Dianne Mraz Robinson.

5. Removal of moles

This trend appeared at the very beginning of the pandemic and still appears periodically in the feed of TikTok users. Dermatologists warn that it is absolutely impossible to remove moles on your own.

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“Removing a mole is not the same as trimming your nails or trimming your hair. Yes, on the Internet you can find a variety of ways and means, but they do not warn against the most important danger - the wrong definition, a benign mole or not, - notes dermatologist Annie Gonzales. "Only a doctor is able to determine how potentially dangerous a formation on the skin is, and to conduct a biopsy, if necessary."

Also, at home, there is a great chance to remove the mole incorrectly and leave its lower part. Even special laser devices are not recommended to be used on your own. Given the risks of introducing an infection, leaving a scar and even provoking skin cancer, it is in no case to remove moles at home.

6. Too multi-stage skin care systems

Daily routines and beauty rituals are often shared on TikTok. They can be inspirational and informative, but they also have the opposite effect.

“TikTok has a lot of overly complicated grooming rituals. Therefore, people who want to improve their skin condition may be frightened or even upset. Especially if the creator of the video uses too expensive means, ”says Brian Hibler.

Dermatologist Raina Dick adds that you don't need to do ten treatments in the morning and another ten in the evening to keep your skin clear and radiant. In addition, many manufacturers combine multiple products in one product. For example, a moisturizer often contains ingredients that protect against sun damage.

Experts advise not to listen to anyone other than a dermatologist. Everyone has different skin and a complex care system that can help one person, but at the same time can easily ruin another person's face.

7. Using tonic as a deodorant

At first glance, it is very convenient to use one product for different purposes. But it also carries with it danger.

“The tonic effectively removes bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. Many of these foods contain alcohol, which is what kills bacteria. Some tonics contain alpha or beta hydroxy acids, which lower the pH of the underarm skin and make the environment less pleasant for bacteria. However, these same components can cause irritation in the delicate area, - explains the subtleties of dermatologist Hadley King. - If you still want to apply the tonic in this way, you should take very little of the product and not do it too often. You can also opt for a toner with little alcohol or hydroxy acids. However, it is better to still prefer the old proven deodorant - no other product will give the same long-lasting effect. "

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