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Top 17 US cities where you can take a home on a mortgage for $ 1 000 per month

According to Zillow estimates, the cost of renting in the USA on average delivers $ 1700 per month, so sometimes buying a house can be cheaper than renting.

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In some cities, a monthly mortgage payment may be half the average rental price or even less. This means that buying a house is quite real.

Edition GOBankingRates examined the data from a previous study on the best suburbs in each state and discovered 17 great suburbs where a mortgage would cost less than $ 1000 per month.

17. Plum, PA

  • Suburb Pittsburgh
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 997

Palm is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, such as boating, fishing, hiking and skiing. It also houses the Oakmont Country Club, the famous golf course that hosted the US Open nine times. In addition, local residents face the lowest crime rates in real estate.

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16 La Verne, Tennessee

  • Suburb Nashville
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 951

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La Verne is a suburb of Nashville, it is also the capital of country music. Its convenient location next to Lake Percy Priest allows residents to enjoy many outdoor activities, including boating, fishing and much more. The average price of a home in La Verne is $ 209 900, which is much lower than the average price for the country as a whole: $ 289 000, according to Zillow.

15. Altamonte Springs, Florida

  • Suburb Orlando
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 940

Thanks to the new Westmonte Recreation Center, senior programs in Altamonte Springs, Florida are particularly effective. In addition, residents of all ages can plan a day trip to Walt Disney World in neighboring Orlando. If you are intrigued by life in Altamonte Springs, the suburbs offer homes at an average price just below $ 200 000.

14. Lexington, South Carolina

  • Suburb Colombia
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 932

People in Lexington, South Carolina pay 0,541% county real estate tax. This is the third lowest among the best suburbs with a mortgage of less than $ 1000 per month, which makes home ownership even more attractive. Lexington is also within walking distance of the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

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13. Mayfield Heights, Ohio

  • Prigord Cleveland
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 917

Mayfield City School District in Mayfield Heights, Ohio has received an A-Plus star rating. In addition to quality schools, Mayfield High is considered relatively safe.

12. Fairfield Ohio

  • Suburb Cincinnati
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 876

In addition to affordable mortgages, residents of Fairfield, Ohio can save on food, healthcare, transportation, and utilities. Fairfield School District also received a phenomenal A-Plus rating. This means that the suburb of Cincinnati is especially suitable for families with small children.

11. Maryland Heights, Missouri

  • Suburb St. Louis
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 840

If you are investing heavily in your children's education, it might be worth considering buying a home in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Parkway School District and Pattonville R-III School District received excellent marks. In addition, the average price of a home in Maryland Heights is only $ 165 000, well below the national average.

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10. Cabot, Arkansas

  • Suburb Little Rock
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 805

Residents of Cabot, Arkansas, spend an average of $ 17 541,04 per year on non-housing items such as food, healthcare, transportation, and utilities. In addition, the Kebot school district received a decent grade, so parents can rest peacefully, knowing that their children will receive a good education in the suburbs of Little Rock.

9. Claremore, Oklahoma

  • Suburb Tulsa
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 799

Claremore, Oklahoma, is relatively safe: it ranks fifth in terms of crime among all the places on the GOBankingRates list.

8. Socorro, Texas

  • Suburb El Paso
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 792

Socorro, TX proves you can find affordable housing in safe areas. The suburb boasts the second cheapest average home price list in the GOBankingRates study - just $ 137 - as well as relatively low violent and property crime rates.

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7. Lebanon, Indiana

  • Suburb Indianapolis
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 791

Lebanon, Indiana, is one of the best suburbs with affordable mortgages. In addition, in the Indianapolis suburb, there are 0,88 violent crimes and 6,58 crimes involving property in 1000 residents. As a result, Lebanon is a good choice for Americans looking for a safe, affordable neighborhood.

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6. El Reno, Oklahoma

  • Suburb Oklahoma City
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 672

The median home price in suburban Oklahoma City is just $ 139. For context, that's nearly $ 900 below the national average - meaning you can buy two homes in El Reno for the price of the average US home.

5. Millbrook, Alabama

  • Suburb Montgomery
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 665

Montgomery suburbs face long, warm summers and relatively mild, short winters.

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4. New Haven, Indiana

  • Suburb Fort wayne
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 662

The Fort Wayne suburb offers the third lowest median home price in this study at just $ 139, less than half the median home price in the US.

3. Pearl, Mississippi

  • Suburb Jackson
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 658

Potential residents of Pearl, Mississippi, can buy a home for an average price of $ 146 650 US dollars.

2. Baker, Louisiana

  • Suburb Baton rouge
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 647

Homeowners in Baker, Louisiana pay the county property tax of 0,536%, the second lowest tax rate on the GOBankingRates list. The suburb also offers a variety of amenities and entertainment for its residents, from golf courses and surrounding parks to the Baker Heritage Museum and the annual Baker Buffalo Festival.

1.Elsmere, Delaware

  • Suburb Wilmington
  • Monthly mortgage payment: $ 570

Ellesmere, Delaware, boasts an average home price of $ 124, which is the lowest on the GOBankingRates list. In addition, homeowners pay the fifth lowest property tax rate in the county at 950%.

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