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14 Top Unusual Food Museums

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Most travelers seek to visit the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan in New York, the Prado in Milan. But besides the well-known museums in these cities there are little-known, unusual and tasty museums. Edition Our Texas offers a list of food museums. Have a nice trip!

1. USA, Minnesota, Austin - Museum of Canned Food

"Please do not have exhibits!", Says a strict inscription on the museum's website dedicated to canned ham. This ham was fed American soldiers during the Second World War and sent to the UK and the Soviet Union as humanitarian aid. Now canned ham is also eaten with might and main: every second around the world about 13 cans of ham are eaten in the world. Everything you want to know about the story SpamYou can find out in the museum area in 16500 square. feet And although “there are no exhibits to eat”, you can buy canned goods and cook dinner according to one of the recipes laid out on the museum’s website.

2. Italy, province of Bologna - Carpigiani Gelato ice cream museum

Machines for the production of desirable, hundreds of archival materials and videos, masterclasses and, of course, a lot of ice cream! The museum was created quite recently, in 2012, at the headquarters of the famous brand of ice cream. Carpigiani. Here you can not only learn the history is desirable, but also arrange a tasting at a local cafe.

3. USA, Massachusetts - Burnt Food Museum

Idea to create Burnt Food Museum Musician Deborah Henson-Conant came to mind at the end of 80, when she set the apple cider to warm up and the phone suddenly rang. The conversation was long and interesting, so when Deborah returned to the kitchen, instead of a cider, she saw something charred that could stand on her own. Thus was created the very first and most impressive exhibit: Free Standing Hot Apple Cider. The burnt remnants of dishes here are called “wonderful pieces of art that you have created, without even trying.” The slogan of the museum is “to cook in the style of a museum - to reduce the fire and fall asleep for a long time”.

The museum is open only for private tours lasting 90 minutes, costing $ 3500 for a group of up to 9 people. For this rather large sum, the owner of the museum personally conducts a tour, and also speaks to tourists: she is a nominee for an award Grammy and plays the electric harp. Also, the museum has a Facebook page, where fans of Deborah exhibit works burned in their kitchen.

4. Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture - Cup Noodle Museum

"Fast" noodles in a cup Cup noodles, in which you need to add only boiled water, invented in 1971, Momofuku Ando. Prior to that, he invented instant noodles in 1958, but after a trip to America he decided to produce it in cups: he saw Americans breaking dry noodles and putting them in disposable glasses, pouring boiling water and eating like that. Such noodles revolutionized food around the world. In this museum, besides the historical exposition, there is a factory where children can make their noodles, a room for the development of children's creativity, and even an amusement park with slides, where the child can feel like noodles and become familiar with the process of creating this dish from the inside. You can finish the visit to the museum in the “noodle house” at the museum, where different types of noodles are served: noodle soups, Italian spaghetti and even Kazakh lagman.

5. USA, Idaho, Blackfoot - Potato Museum Idaho Potato Museum

Idaho is called the potato state in honor of the beloved vegetable that has been grown here since the end of the 19 century. No wonder that the Potato Museum has been opened here since 1988. It is located in the historic building of the former railway depot, built in 1913 on the road Union pacific rail road. Here you can see a large collection of "potato mixers", eat baked potatoes, potato bread and even potato ice cream. The souvenir shop sells potato soap and lotion, which are highly praised - the potato starch that makes up these cosmetic products makes the skin very soft.

6.Germany, Berlin - Fried Sausage Museum Deutsches Currywurst Museum

Grilled sausage "karrivurst" in Germany - the same as pizza in Italy. This dish was invented after World War II by the owner of a small diner Gerta Heuver (Herta heuwer). The thing is in a special spicy sauce: after the occupation of British troops, she got spicy sauces and spices, which she added to ketchup. An exotic blend of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and curry seasonings quickly gained success among the inexperienced citizens of those times, and in 1959, Hoiver patented his sauce. The museum was opened on August 15 2009 in honor of the 60 anniversary of the emergence of this dish. It is divided into different interactive zones. Here you can not only learn a lot of interesting things, but also admire the unusual design. In 2011, the museum won several design awards at once.

7.USA, Massachusetts - Beer Can Museum

The collection is located in a private house, so tours of the museum are by appointment. Beer cans and other items related to drinking beer began to be collected before World War II, and the collection was replenished for many years. The site of the museum says that the exact number of exhibits is not known for certain. You can discuss what you see in the museum in the pub located there and have a beer, of course.

8. England, London - Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising

Around the corner from the famous antique market Portobello Road Market there is a museum with a rich collection of packaging, advertising posters, toys and much more. The museum exhibits from the Victorian era to the present day. Among them, cosmetics company Rimmel the end of 19 century, chocolate bars KitKat Xnumx's. They are arranged in chronological order, thanks to which it is possible to trace how the design of products has changed.

9. USA, Louisiana, New Orleans - Museum of the American Cocktail

Walking through the French Quarter, you can look at the American Cocktail Museum located here. You can explore the 200-year history of various drinks, see vintage glasses and bottles, rare books for bartenders and an 5-foot mixer for cocktails. The museum also has a collection of artifacts related to the history of absinthe in the United States. There are tastings, workshops and other events, so it’s better to go there not by car, but by taxi.

10. Holland - Amsterdam Cheese Museum

If you are a bit tired of hiking in the wonderful historical and art museums of Amsterdam, it's time to take a short break and go to the small and cozy cheese museum. There they will tell you about the history of the production of Dutch cheese, arrange a tasting of various cheeses for you and offer you to take pictures in the traditional costume of a Dutch farmer.

11. USA, Wisconsin - National Mustard Museum Mustard Museum

The museum was conceived and founded by Barry Levenson, former Assistant Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin. He decided to start his collection in 1986 when he was upset about losing his favorite baseball team. Boston red sox in the championship The World Series. As a result, he collected more than 5 thousands of cans with sauce from more than 60 countries, as well as hundreds of memorabilia and exhibits on the history of using mustard. The eccentric Mr. Levenson abandoned his prestigious work for the mustard museum and achieved success - the museum moved to a larger room, a reportage about him was shown for the Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as for many other popular travel programs.

12. USA, Pennsylvania - Big Mac® Museum

The famous sandwich was created 50 years ago by Jim Deligatti (Jim delligatti), one of the founders of the chain of fast food restaurants McDonald's. He also opened the museum ten years ago on the occasion of the 40 anniversary of the creation of a big maca. According to the son Deligatti, he loved Big Macs so much that he ate them every week. Jim’s health was very positive - he lived 98 for years. A sculptural building of the largest X-NUMX feet tall Mac in the world, as well as hundreds of memorable artifacts and exhibits dedicated to the miracle sandwich have been installed near the museum building. The museum is equipped with a large playground and, of course, McDonald's.

13. USA, New York, LeRoy - Jell-O Gallery

This fruit dessert on gelatin was invented in 1897 by a carpenter and a producer of cough syrup Pearle Bixby Wait from the city of LeRoy. They came up with his wife and called Jell-o. Two years later, he sold the recipe for $ 450. The exposition of the museum in its hometown of jelly is not only informative, but also nostalgic: there are ancient jelly spoons, various toys and advertising posters.

14. USA, Ohio - Wyandot Popcorn Museum

The average American consumes 64 kg of popcorn every year. The museum, dedicated to the most favorite snack of Americans, presents antique carts for the sale of popcorn, cars for its production and much more. At the end of the tour, visitors receive a free portion of popcorn, and children receive free corn grains in order to make a mini-corn plantation at home.

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