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Top 10 professions in the USA that do not require college education

If you think that you definitely need a college degree for a good job, then you are not. Edition USNews has compiled a list of vacancies for which secondary education or special courses will be sufficient. Here you will find the right career start for you.

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10. Master of nail aesthetics
  • Average salary: $ 25 770
  • Number of vacancies: 29 900
  • Education: education without a degree

Craftsmen provide nail services to clients in salons, spas and hairdressers, and some professionals run their own businesses. Manicurists clean, file, trim, polish and repair fingernails and toenails.

Manicure and pedicure are the few luxury treatments that some women and men cannot live without. Therefore, it is not surprising that, according to the statistical company Statista, in 2018 in the US manicure services market, revenue amounted to about $ 8,4 billion.

9. Physiotherapist assistant
  • Average salary: $ 27 000
  • Number of vacancies: 10 800
  • Education: average

Physiotherapist assistants are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They assist physiotherapists and physiotherapist assistants by cleaning and disinfecting treated areas and equipment, washing bedding and performing clerical tasks. They are usually responsible for moving patients to and from treatment sites. These specialists are critical to a well-run physiotherapy room.

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8. Flight attendant
  • Average salary: $ 56 640
  • Number of vacancies: 21 100
  • Education: average

Flight attendants are the flight crew members with whom passengers interact the most. They provide passengers with comfort and must be prepared to respond to safety concerns that may arise during the flight.

Flight attendants inspect emergency equipment before each trip. They instruct passengers on safety procedures. For example, explain how to use an oxygen mask or how to evacuate an aircraft; demonstrate how to handle seat belts; make sure passengers are wearing seat belts before take off.

7. Doctor's assistant
  • Average salary: $ 34 800
  • Number of vacancies: 139 200
  • Education: education without a degree

Assistant work is a combination of traditional office work, including staffing the front desk, answering phone calls and filling out insurance forms, as well as practical tasks such as drawing blood and preparing it for laboratory tests, administering injections, and providing medical care.

6. Landscape designer and gardener
  • Average salary: $ 30 440
  • Number of vacancies: 119 900
  • Education: need not

Although the names "landscape designer" and "gardener" are sometimes used interchangeably, they define two separate positions with different responsibilities. The landscape designer is more involved in the maintenance of horticultural farms, while the gardener can take care of garbage collection and snow removal.

Other responsibilities of a landscape designer include planting trees and shrubs, fertilizing and watering plants, and building patios and walkways. And gardeners' work is not limited to greenery; they may contain pools and fountains, or keep picnic areas and public areas free of debris.

5. Masseur
  • Average salary: $ 42 820
  • Number of vacancies: 34 400
  • Education: education without a degree

Using their unique set of tools - "magic hands" and "magic touch" - massage therapists relieve pain and stress, relax stiff muscles and just make people feel better. With over 80 types of treatments, massage therapists can deliver this relief in a variety of ways. Specialized massage therapists specialize in deep tissue massage, acupressure, reflexology, orthopedic, sports massage and other areas. Often, massage therapists become experts in several techniques, each requiring specific skills and techniques.

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4. Phlebotomist
  • Average salary: $ 35 510
  • Number of vacancies: 22 800
  • Education: education without a degree

Few people probably know the profession of a phlebotomist or phlebotomy technician, but it is this medical professional who draws blood, making sure that the correct amount is drawn and that all is properly labeled. The phlebotomist must, among other things, maintain the equipment and also calm the nervous patients who do not like needles. He will explain exactly what he is doing to interested patients.

3. Wind turbine technician
  • Average salary: $ 52 910
  • Number of vacancies: 4 300
  • Education: education without a degree

Wind power specialists are the professionals in charge of inspecting and maintaining wind turbines. This means that they spend most of their time upstairs in the turbine performing maintenance or troubleshooting the electrical, mechanical or hydraulic components of the turbine, as well as replacing or repairing faulty machinery.

2. Personal care professional
  • Average salary: $ 25 280
  • Number of vacancies: 1 159 500
  • Education: average

Personal care professionals help people with chronic medical conditions, physical disabilities and mental health problems prepare meals, dress in the morning and carry out their daily activities. Without their help, many of these older people would not be able to carry out their basic tasks. Personal care assistants work in a wide variety of settings, including patient homes, small residential settings, group homes, and large-scale healthcare settings. Unlike home care professionals, they do not perform medical tasks.

1. Home care professional
  • Average salary: $ 25 280
  • Number of vacancies: 1 159 500
  • Education: average

Home care assistants do more than just sweep floors and wash clothes for patients who are unable to carry out their duties on their own. In some cases, they provide meticulous care that can range from treating wounds to bathing clients. These workers spend so much time with their patients that in many cases they become family members.

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