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Cities and countries that tourists in vain consider boring

There are cities that are not always able to be discovered on the first visit, so they get a label dull. defies tourist stereotypes and proves: every city or country can charm if you know how to spend time in them.

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1. Brussels

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Tourists complain that Brussels is a boring city with nothing to do. Garbage on the sidewalks, a lot of foreigners and an offensive atmosphere due to the fact that the headquarters of international organizations are located here.

To fall in love with Brussels, follow the main rule: do the same as the locals, and please visit residential areas. There is the juice: beautiful churches and just houses, the best chocolate dishes. The center also has something to do: in the Sablon area one of the best antique markets works, where you can buy a nice engraving in the living room. You can also see how the “pissing boy” is dressed up - the little boy’s clothes are changed several times a week, so you are most likely lucky to witness this action.

2. Ho Chi Minh City

The largest city in Vietnam (more than 8 million people live in it) is called a boring metropolis, where there is absolutely nothing to watch. But in order to penetrate the former Saigon, it is enough to move away from the center - all the most interesting is either outside it, or at altitude.

Top attractions include the observation deck of the Bitexco Financial Tower and Ku Chi tunnels. The latter strongly recommend travelers to see: “We were told that there is no need to go there, they say, we will lose the day in vain and will not see anything interesting. Therefore, we went without much enthusiasm, but in the end it turned out to be one of the most interesting excursions in my life. Before that, I knew little about the Vietnam War - what I saw in the films. When you find yourself in these tunnels with a width of 40-50 cm and a height of 60-80 cm, you very vividly imagine what happened there 50 years ago. “You walk, look at all these traps with spikes, like in films about Indiana Jones, tanks, grenades, machine guns, fragments - it becomes uncomfortable.”

3. Cyprus

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Many experienced (and not so) travelers are sure that there is nothing to watch on the island, or consider it a resort for senior citizens. But the thing is different: it is difficult to get to Cypriot attractions without a car, and there is no railway there. The northern part of the island can also be reached only by car.

The main feature of Cyprus is the coastline. To choose the most picturesque view, ask the locals. “I live in Cyprus, we have many bays and beaches with advertising posters. One of them - Paphos Coral Bay - in the photo looks like a paradise. In fact, my husband and I drove by three times, until we found it, and the beach turned out to be dull. For comparison - a photo of another bay where I sometimes go: the place is almost secret, there are very few people, and the views are really gorgeous. ”

4. Beijing

Reviews about China are always contradictory. Most often the negative is caused by huge crowds of people, because of which it is impossible to see anything, unusual toilets a la “hole in the floor” and the desire to cash in on tourists. If you can’t get away from the last two things, the first is fixable.

“Because of the negative reviews, I did not have a goal to get to the zoo - they say, it’s unrealistic to see a panda. But I arrived early in the morning, the hotel was within walking distance, but settled only at noon. To pass the time, I went to the zoo and managed to get in at that time, while the people had not yet pulled themselves up. So I managed to look at the panda from a close distance - this is one of the cutest creatures that I saw in my life! It’s better to eat in small eateries - it’s tastier, authentic and nobody wants to rip off the excess. ”

5. Helsinki

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Helsinki has recently been recognized as the most boring European capital. When people go to Europe, they expect to see medieval streets with gingerbread houses, magnificent castles, palaces and cathedrals - in the capital of Finland there is none of this. Helsinki became the capital only at the beginning of the XNUMXth century; before that, little was built there, it was an ordinary village.

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Here's what travelers say about the Finnish capital: “This city is incredibly cool. Therefore, today Helsinki is a city for lovers of modern architecture, Scandinavian laconicism and Art Nouveau style, which you can fall in love after visiting. ” And here is a paradise for fans of music (especially hard): festivals are regularly held, and in music stores you can find cool vinyl at an affordable price.

6. Stockholm

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Stockholm and Sweden as a whole are considered by some experienced tourists to be dull. It seems to them that the Swedish capital, if it can surprise, is only on the first visit. Otherwise, it is not much different from the stereotypical European city.

In order not to think that Stockholm is boring, you just need to chat with its resident. Life in the capital is in full swing - you just need to know where to look. You will recognize the city on the other hand, if you ride in a balloon or go on a cruise on the islands (there are even nights!).

7. Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a reputation as a criminal and uninteresting city. To avoid meeting with dubious elements, if possible bypass the neighborhood of the station.

To make the city leave a good impression, go to the English Theater (The English Theater Frankfurt), where they put on good performances. If you love nature, visit the local zoo - this is a very cool place where you can hang out and watch animals. For those who like to cook and socialize, travelers are advised to visit local culinary schools: two of them regularly conduct group lessons, as a result you will get great food in a pleasant company. If you like old things, be sure to check out one of the most famous flea markets in Germany - Frankfurter Flohmarkt.

8. Dublin

Casey Neistat on his blog didn’t speak well of Dublin, believing there was nothing to do there. Tourists echo him, calling him mundane and unfriendly.

Try to catch a positive wave and go for a walk along the winding cobbled streets of Temple Bar - by the way, in the evening it becomes the center of nightlife, so you can easily have fun with the locals. If you like to walk on the rooftops, you need the Brown Thomas Car Park parking lot, which offers an unusual view of the city. Do not forget to visit the Museum of Leprechauns (National Leprechaun Museum) and House No. 29 (No. 29) - it masterfully recreates the atmosphere of life of a typical Irishman of past centuries.

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8. Paris

Another city from which we expect too much. But once you get there, the impression spoils right away: it’s undesirable to go along some metro lines, there are dirt and beggars on the streets, and the Eiffel Tower is not so magnificent. And is it worth it to spend time standing in kilometer queues?

Instead, head to the legendary Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. For over 50 years, literature fans have been gathering here, drinking tea on Sundays, and cats also live here. If you like walking, head to the Bois de Boulogne: there is an amusement park, a picturesque garden with grottoes, lakes and other beauties, a zoo, and sports are regularly held. It is better to do this during the day, because at night the forest is still teeming with dubious personalities, as in the old days.

9. London

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Some call the British capital ugly and repulsive. Others say that London is one of the most disharmonious cities in the world. Perhaps it, like many other cities, is not suitable for everyone

It is worth going to those who love football and are interested in fan culture: more than a dozen clubs are concentrated here, and their fans arrange bright performances at stadiums. For a bite to eat, check out The Breakfast Club, which serves English breakfast even in the evening. In one of the cafes of the network, which is located on Spitalfields, there is a refrigerator - through it you can get into a secret bar in the evening. But first you have to say the password: "We are here to see the mayor."

10. Istanbul

Some people don’t like Istanbul because they need to bargain in markets and street shops (otherwise the prices will be too high), others think that it is no different from “package” Turkey. To truly feel the city, coming here is not in the high season, but, for example, in February or early spring, when there are still very few tourists.

Istanbul does not resemble Turkish tourist towns in any way - this can be seen by walking through the historical district of Fatih. Here you can admire the traditional houses of local residents and magnificent mosques, and walking along the narrow streets will help to lose a few pounds, because the area is located on a hill. If you wander a little longer, you can come across interesting examples of street art.

11. Mexico City

Mexico City is characterized as noisy, annoying and eclectic. One of the reasons why people are not advised to come here, especially with children, is the abundance of colors that kids will get tired of.

The Mexican capital is not an endless carnival, there are other types of leisure in it. For example, if you go to the northern part of the city, you can get into the oldest planetarium in Latin America. Inside - unusual illustrations of the starry sky and real aircraft. For relaxation, Chapultepec Park is suitable: in one of its parts, the Audiorama, soothing music plays, and in the other, isolated, there is a pagoda.

12. Oslo

The main reasons for the dislike of Oslo are high prices, inhospitable Norwegians who are not eager to help tourists, the general depressive background of the city.

Retro fans should definitely visit Oslo: in the Grünerløkka area, the corresponding community is actively developed. In this part of the city there are vintage shops where they sell everything from jewelry to books, and you can also get individual advice on the style of the past years. And in the Norwegian capital there is a non-trivial sauna: there you can not only wash and get lost in thought, but also watch a movie, listen to music or try local delicacies.

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