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US territory could increase significantly thanks to Trump: EU unhappy

US President Donald Trump expresses interest in acquiring Greenland, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark as an autonomous territory. Writes about this Meduza.

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For the first time, Trump was thinking about buying Greenland in the spring of 2018 of the year. At a dinner party, he said that someone had told him about the financial problems that Denmark was experiencing due to the help of Greenland, and suggested thinking about buying an island.

Some Trump advisers supported his proposal, others considered it a “passing hobby that will never be realized.” The President instructed his lawyer to study this proposal.

Trump's proposal raised a number of questions among his advisers. For example, can the US use Greenland to strengthen its military presence in the Arctic. US officials consider the island important to national security interests. There is a ten-year agreement between the USA and Denmark, which gives the US military "virtually unlimited rights" at the Tula airbase in northern Greenland.

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The purchase of Greenland is comparable to the acquisition of Alaska from Russia in 1867. Some former and current White House officials who heard about Trump’s idea described it “with a mixture of anticipation and fear,” since no one knows how far the American president is prepared to go.

The United States currently covers an area of ​​9 834 thousand km², and Greenland - 2 166 thousand km². If the United States makes this acquisition, the area of ​​the United States will increase by almost 25%.

The White House and the State Department have not officially commented on Trump's idea of ​​buying an island.

Danish politicians have unequivocally stated that they consider Trump's idea of ​​buying Greenland to be frivolous and do not support it. Writes about this RIA News.

“If it is true that Trump is working on this idea, then this is the ultimate proof that he is crazy. I would say this: the idea that Denmark could sell 50 of its citizens to the United States is absolutely insane, ”said Søren Jespersen, a spokesman for the Danish People's Party.

Former Danish Prime Minister Lars Löcke Rasmussen expressed the opinion that this is all a joke. “This must be an April Fool's joke ... just out of season,” he wrote in his Twitter post.

The representative of the Conservative Party of Denmark Rasmus Yarlov also commented on the information about Trump's idea. “Of all the incredible things, this is the most incredible. Forget it, ”he urged on his Twitter.

Representatives of other parties in Denmark have also strongly rejected the idea of ​​selling Greenland. “Greenland is not for sale! The times when it was possible to buy territories and people are long gone. I hope that our government, on behalf of the Danish society, will clearly state this to Trump when he visits Denmark, ”Mikael Ostrup wrote on Twitter.

Some Danish politicians also point to the risks of such an idea. “I hope this is a joke. In general, this is a terrible idea, which threatens the risk of militarizing Greenland, less autonomy for Greenlanders, not to mention the fact that it would be a huge loss for Denmark, ”- wrote on Twitter the representative of the Radical Party Martin Lidegard.

After the Second World War, in the 1946 year, the 33-th US President Harry Truman offered Denmark to buy Greenland from her for 100 million dollars, but was refused. In 1876, the U.S. Department of State also studied the purchase of Greenland and Iceland.

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