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Winter lives there: top 13 stunning ice castles in the USA

13 magical ice castles in the USA that make frosty weather really enjoyable. OnlyInYourState.

Photo: Shutterstock

There is something truly magical about castles.

These stunning structures are just like from the pages of a fairy tale, they are irresistibly charming.

If you want to get more experience of the fairy tale "Frozen", then the following ice castles are for you.

Winter wonders await you across the country in the form of ice castles, glacial kingdoms and frozen fantasies that will literally leave you speechless.

So pack your bags as these 13 US ice castles are waiting to be admired and explored.

Winter Karneval - Leavenworth, Washington

It's no secret that Leavenworth, Washington is one of the most idyllic cities in the United States.

It is a magical place where every season is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Winter is truly magical in this Bavarian town: the Leavenworth winter festivities attract visitors from all over the world.

Half a million lights are installed in the city every year, and dazzling displays usually delight the eye until Valentine's Day.

Leavenworth is taking Ice Celebrations to the next level this year with an all-new Winter Carnival, a festival in the spirit carnival, a German tradition dating back to the XNUMXth century.

Starting in January 2022, guests will be able to enjoy all kinds of winter activities, from fireworks to living ice figures and even fire dancers.

Ice Castles - Midway, Utah

Those who wish to plunge into the "frozen" fantasy world should visit the Ice Castles in Utah.

A winter wonderland of $ 33 million worth of ice castles and sculptures is truly extraordinary.

Although this event Now happening annually in multiple locations across North America, Ice Castles originated in Alpine, Utah, in the backyard of ice artist Brent Christensen, who created a frozen play area for his children during one particularly long winter.

Christensen's ice caves and castles proved to be very appealing to the neighborhood kids, and he began to create bigger and better winter wonderlands - which brings us to today's epic events at Ice Castle.

Opening dates always depend on the weather, but the event usually opens from early January to early March.

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Ice Castles are a spectacular must-see winter phenomenon, bringing fairytales to life with dazzling LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-cut tunnels, slides and fountains.

International Snow Sculpting Championships - Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado is one of America's favorite winter destinations, with its slopes and resorts that attract millions of visitors every year.

But it's not just skiing and snowboarding here.

International Snow Sculpture Championship in BreckenridgeIs a world famous snow sculpture competition of epic proportions.

At the event, 12 teams from around the world gather at Breckenridge to hand-carve incredible and intricate art from 20-ton blocks of snow.

Artists are only allowed to use hand tools, their own creativity and inspiration to bring their designs to life - and you will be overwhelmed by these flawless creations.

Teams spend countless hours sculpting over five days, resulting in the most fantastic, albeit fleeting, outdoor art installation in this charming Colorado town.

Ice Castles - New Brighton, Minnesota

After a COVID hiatus in 2021, the New Brighton Ice Castles will dazzle Minnesota residents again this winter.

Photo: Shutterstock

In January, Ice Castles from Utah will return to Long Lake Regional Park at New Brightoncreating an ice sheet with tunnels, caves, towers, fountains, slides and a touch of magic.

This is a real winter village and this is what you really need to experience!

Winter Carnival in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Winter Carnival Saint Paul is the oldest winter festival in the United States, two years preceding the legendary Tournament of Roses in Colorado.

Since 1886, Saint Paul Winter Carnival has been a perennial favorite in the Twin Cities metro area, giving Minnesotans a reason to celebrate and embrace this extremely cold season.

Over the years, the festival has grown in size, most recently the Drive-Thru Ice and Snow Sculpture Park has been added to its composition.

Billed as the Coolest Festival on Earth, this long-standing winter carnival includes a city-wide scavenger hunt, ice fishing tournament, a snow park and of course artfully crafted ice sculptures and statues.

This grand winter festival will take place from January 28 to February. 6, 2022

Ice Castles - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Built from thousands of glowing icicles, Ice Castles interactive exhibit at Lake Geneva is a glamorous winter wonderland in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin residents are not used to ice and snow, and ice castles are a whole new way to experience winter in Wisconsin.

This illuminated Ice Kingdom, a highly anticipated seasonal event, features frozen slides, promenades, ice caves and frozen fountains beautifully embedded in an epic outdoor landscape.

Within the national festival "Ice Castles" you can come and experience this wonderful winter event in early 2022.

Ice Caves - Eben, Michigan

Michigan has an ice cave that the Hideous Snow Monster of the North would gladly call home.

Ice Caves Eben, Michigan is a true ice castle designed by Mother Nature herself.

Located in the Rock River Canyon Desert in Hiawatha National Forest, these ice caves are truly breathtaking.

The caves are made up of countless frozen icicles and other ice formations that appear every year as temperatures drop, usually starting in December.

To access these caves, you will need to go on a 1,2 km hike, and spike shoes are recommended for both the hike and the caves themselves.

It is worth it, however, as these caves provide a magnificent display of some of Mother Nature's finest works.

Point Betsie Lighthouse - Lake Michigan

In winter at #PureMichigan, you'll find ice castles instead of sand castles all along the state's coastline, as the state's iconic lighthouses freeze from a bang or two of cold waves and freezing temperatures.

But none of these lighthouses are more impressive than Point Betsie lighthouse, a beautiful lighthouse located on the Lake Michigan coastline south of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

A heavy snowfall seems to have engulfed this entire house, and all the plants in the surrounding landscape are covered with ice.

Fortunately, the bright white tower and its keeper's house are topped with a red roof and black lantern, and these vibrant colors seem to pop out of the snow-white landscape in the middle of winter.

It is a poem from Robert Frost that comes to life.

Ice Castles - Lake George, New York

Go to Lake George early 2022to plunge into a real frozen fantasy land.

A labor of love, Ice Castles spend thousands of hours, starting in autumn, to create 5000-12000 icicles from water alone.

Ice artists use variable winds, waters, and temperatures to create these incredible, dynamic and immense formations.

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Stunning, impressive, massive and amazing, you will be amazed at the grandeur of these amazing creations.

Winter Carnival - Saranac Lake, New York

Upstate New York is no stranger to ice and snow as winters can be harsh and seemingly endless.

To celebrate the snow season and promote outdoor recreation, the Pontiac Club on Saranac Lake organized the eponymous Winter Carnival in 1897, a tradition that continues to this day.

In fact, Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is the longest running event of its kind in the eastern United States.

For 125 years, it has grown into a 10-day festival that includes sports, performances, two parades and three large fireworks.

The centerpiece of Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is, of course, the Ice Palace, built by volunteers at Lake Flower's Pontiac Bay.

The theme of this ice castle changes every year, and every year its creation becomes more wonderful than the last.

This year's event will take place from 4 to 13 February 2022 and will be dedicated to the theme "Totally 80s".

Ice Castles - Woodstock, New Hampshire

Tucked away in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Woodstock has one of the most stunning ice castles in the country.

From LED igloos and frozen slides to gorgeous ice figurines and massive monoliths, you will be amazed by this fantastic frozen fantasy land.

New Hampshire winter wonderland, one of five official festivals at the Ice Castle in the US, will open to the public in early 2022.

Mendenhall Glacier - Juneau, Alaska

Ice caves located on Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska, are natural ice formations in one of the most unusual places on the planet.

Calling the Mendenhall Glacier "caves" is wrong; this place is a whole frozen kingdom, the length of which is 22 km, and the total area is estimated at 100 square km.

A place of incredible beauty and natural splendor, nowhere in the world is there a better ice cavern than the Mendenhall Glacier.

Aurora Ice Museum - Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska is a place of extremes.

This continental island is not only located in the extreme northern hemisphere, but is also home to extreme cold, ice and heavy snowfall.

So it's natural that the state has a real ice museum.

В The Aurora Ice Museum Fairbanks has the world's largest ice environment all year round; it was built by hand using over 1000 tons of ice and snow from the Chena Hot Springs Resort.

Keeping a cool 25 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, this huge frozen museum is an adventure for you and your family.

Winter weather may not be to everyone's liking, but all of these adorable ice castles in the US are well worth the cold.

In fact, we dare to assume that they will make freezing temperatures truly enjoyable and leave a warm mark on your heart.

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