−80 ° and you can't write in your soul: 7 facts about how people live in Antarctica

Antarctica is called White Mars due to its harsh conditions. In 2005, the French-Italian scientific station Concordia was built there, where the European Space Agency (ESA) conducts its research. At the same time, about 60 people live and work at the station under conditions of isolation, extremely low temperatures and a lack of light and oxygen.

The most expensive railway station in the world will open in New York

The World Trade Center Transport Hub Central Station will open in New York in early March. This project has become the most expensive station in the world, writes Politico New York. The building was planned to be commissioned in 2009, then the project cost was estimated at $ 2 billion, but ...

Bloomberg: US and Russia can not even agree on what to do with astronaut urine

“It has been a difficult year for the people running the International Space Station (ISS),” notes Justin Bachman in an article for Bloomberg Businessweek. The author recalls the unsuccessful launches of three spacecraft with cargo for the ISS (two American and one Russian) that happened in ...

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