Miami Autumn Festival

Every year, cities in the United States come to life and play with new colors thanks to the autumn festivals. Invite the whole family to enjoy a variety of activities and more. There is sure to be something for everyone at this festival.

Why you should not remove the leaves in the fall

For several years in a row, scientists have insisted that it is not necessary to remove fallen autumn leaves, it is better to let them decompose in a natural way - this will be much more beneficial for the soil and for living organisms. USA Today compiled 3 reasons why it's better ...

Autumn Festival

Every year, Infield comes alive with the Fall Fun Fest. Invite the whole family to visit Bounce Houses, Games, Pony Rides and more. There is something here that everyone will love. Also, do not bring yourself a few pumpkins while hunting them.

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Traditionally, in the fall, an annual traditional harvest fair is held - a holiday of local farmers. The fair offers live music, fresh snacks and drinks, as well as all kinds of entertainment: making pumpkin decorations, painting faces, flying kites and much more.

Four fantastic autumn routes in the USA

Autumn landscapes are a great excuse to travel by car or walk through picturesque places strewn with yellow and red leaves. The Chicago Tribune has compiled a list of the most colorful autumn routes in the Midwest. M-22 in Michigan The Michigan Route ...

Ten most underrated sights in the USA

You should not even try to count all the sights that flaunt in the vast expanses of the United States. Most tourists pay attention to only the most famous ones - and in vain: places that are not mentioned in guidebooks sometimes turn out to be much more interesting than the promoted locations. Here is a list of America's most underrated attractions from The Thing of Tourism. ...

How to get rid of leaves in the yard: 4 eco-friendly and effective way

Autumn proves convincingly that this is the most beautiful time of the year. But it is at this time that red, orange and gold leaves fall and scatter around the yard. And the owners have to think about where to put so many leaves. Fox News ...

Autumn Festival at Little Farm

Join the incredible Autumn Festival at Little Farm. Every Saturday and Sunday during October, guests can attend this event and enjoy the fun. For the youngest guests, there is a petting zoo on the farm, and you can also ride a pony and go to ...

Autumn Festival

This is an incredible family gathering dedicated to harvesting. It offers workshops on carving pumpkins, face painting, a mini maze and demonstrations of the harvest. In addition, visitors will be entertained by musicians, and everyone will be able to enjoy delicious treats and drinks on a pumpkin theme.

Autumn Festival

A huge plot filled with pumpkins and fun. Fun for the whole family. Many events await guests, including giant 4-story slides, inflatable houses, a zoo, pumpkin shooting and many other fun attractions.

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